Frock It! #9

The ninth Frock It! has come around a bit too quickly for my liking.  My mid 30s life just slides by faster and faster,  so that one of these days I’ll blink and find that I’m a rather disgruntled 90 year old.  And as luck will have it, I just know I’ll be incontinent.


This Frock It! entry is a very personal one.   You might have noticed I’ve been on the quiet side this past week.  That’s because my mum is visiting from Sydney. Happy days. She brought this dress for my little girl, and so I give you this week’s Frock It!

Note: she is carrying a doll, not a baby.

Minutes later, I bought her a pink ice-cream.  She seriously needs to work on her ice-cream eating to rate of ice-cream melting ratio.  Said pink ice-cream quickly turned to liquid and dribbled all over both child and dress, marinating them in pink slush.  Not that I was surprised of course.  

There’s no bias here when I say everything about these pictures is perfect.

Over to you now. What frock caught your eye this week? If inspiration is lacking, feel free to look to your children’s wardrobes too.

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