10th Frock It! What to Wear to a Wedding

You’ve got the big white frock.
You might even have a veil.
You’re carrying your favourite flowers.
At the end of the aisle is the man of your dreams.
And one of your guests is wearing this:

It’s not just me, is it? But this isn’t quite right.

Guests don’t wear white dresses to weddings. Prince Albert – I’m even questioning your sense in wearing white trousers to your recent nuptuals. My issue isn’t that you outshone the bride, nooooo siree, but that they looked silly. I’ll accept they were part of a uniform, at least I hope so. But still. You didn’t exactly scream, “ladies, sorry to ruin your lives but I am now officially taken.”

A part of me is slightly uncomfortable writing this. I consider myself to be on the laid-back, relaxed side of things, someone who would not normally be fussed by wedding etiquette. After all, the most important thing is the marriage and the rest is just a side-show really.

But in my view, there’s only one real rule for what to wear to a wedding: you don’t wear white. That’s not hard to stick to, surely? Having said that, I’m certain if someone had worn white to our wedding I wouldn’t have cared. We could have had a whole team of nudists there and it wouldn’t have bothered me. That would have been fun actually.

I appreciate the rules for weddings are more rigid here in the UK, where women must wear hats and one doesn’t wear black. But weddings here are mostly during the day, although please correct me if I’m wrong? So that makes sense to me.

Anyway, as Mum just pointed out, “Darling, I think Naomi Campbell would make her own rules.”

In a very obvious case of combining posts, this is the tenth Frock It. Last week’s Frock It, while always fun for me, was on the quiet side. So if you’ve always wanted to join in and just haven’t, now is the week to do it. Frock It needs a gentle ego boost, well OK I am the one needing the gentle ego boost. So if a dress caught your eye this week, I’d love you to write a post about it and link up here.

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