An Invitation (And A Frock It!)

OK, so which of you did an internet search for “Aerobics Oz Style Pubes??” What’s all that about?


That last post was a big leap, this blog is normally not so serious or personal.  So that’s enough “from the heart” writing from me for a while, and there’s to be no more pregnancy talk either. It makes me want another baby. So it’s back to some mindless frivolity. Got a cup of tea? Good. Wine? Even better. (I’ve since deleted it – just too personal for me!)

Last year, the Headmistress from my school in Sydney came to London and hosted a dinner for Old Girls of the school who now live in the UK.  As an aside, I’m thinking of starting a campaign to change the term “Old Girls” to “Fabulous Formers.”

I went along not knowing what to expect. I didn’t usually get into the “Old Girl” thing, but we had just moved to the UK and this seemed like great timing. I had no idea who would be there, but there were plenty of friendly faces and it was a fantastic night. Plus it was in a club on Pall Mall and I am partial to the occasional elegant venue. Just as I’m also partial to McDonalds. I love it all, you see. It’s just fun being out.

This week I received an invitation to this year’s school dinner in London.  Because I’m a woman, my thoughts turned to what I would wear even before I’d finished reading it. This is what I wore last year, and I love it. How can you not love a purple floral dress with sheer sleeves?  Well, obviously those of you who loathe purple, floral and sheer will not.  But for the rest of you, the question still stands. Although I promise not to be offended if you think it looks like a spring bruise.

Still reading, I got to one line that made my blood ran cold.  A muffled cry made a quick escape, and tears pricked my eyes.

“Dress:  Tailored business attire.”

WTF?   Is that a joke??  “Tailored” – yes, I can do tailored.  We love tailored.  But “business attire?”  Nooooooo.   Guess what people: business attire is for when you need to be attired for business. Suits are for the office.  Not dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, whenever I went out after work, I was never one to change out of my suit. But if I’m going out from home, I don’t want to look like I’m heading into the office. Where’s the fun in that?

Party wear.

It’s the same venue as last year, so I’m sure that isn’t the issue.  Unless they complained we looked too sparkly for their mahogany.

Maybe the school wants to dampen the fun this year?

There are many ways you can issue an invitation for a fun-free event.  Examples include:

“No alcohol will be served.”
“Mr Rupert Murdoch requests the pleasure of the company of…”
“Please respect our vegan beliefs.”
“Time: 5.00pm – 5.30pm.”
“Special guest: HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.”

I can’t think of any other reason why you’d limit the choice of clothes so.

Am I missing something?

It’s been busy lately so this Frock It is a double-up, I hope you don’t mind. If a dress caught your eye this week, I’d love you to write about it and link up here. Hooray!

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