Online Bingo: They Call Me Legs Eleven

I’m not much of a gambler. I’ll bet once a year on the Melbourne Cup, I’ll buy the odd instant scratchie and I like the Kenny Rogers song, but that’s about it.

I think I’m fairly typical of many women.

But on Tuesday night I was asked by Netmums to play online Bingo and to tell you all about it.

So I did. And here I am.

It would never have occurred to me to play online Bingo – not in a million years. But really, it’s a stroke of genius. Rather than going out, you can stay in your baby-puke covered trackies and play Bingo with lots of other mums. No babysitters required.

The Netmums website is now hosting online Bingo on Monday and Tuesday nights between 8.00pm and 10.00pm GMT.

So once the kids were in bed I poured myself a wine, got out the pretzels and settled in for some light gambling and chat. Now I’ll be honest here and say I don’t lurve online chat, it’s just not for me. But half the fun of online Bingo is the banter between all the players. It’s actually quite social and people were really getting into it. I joined in, but most of my comments were along the lines of “Sorry, what are you talking about?”

Did you know “WDW” means “well done winner?” You can further shorten this to “WD.” Who knew?

The game itself is fast-paced. As numbers come up, there’s no manually checking your form and crossing them out. Everything is automated, which I liked as it meant I wasn’t sitting at the computer for the entire 2 hours. We all have things to do, well you can play online Bingo and still do them. But you could just as easily play for the entire time – just have more wine and pretzels.

Now to the big question: did I win anything? Well, yes, as it happens. I spent £5, got a bonus £20 for signing up, and decided to quit while ahead at £55. Not bad huh. The bonus £20 can’t be withdrawn, which makes sense. Once I discovered that I jumped back in and proceeded to lose it in a few games – but still, it wasn’t mine to begin with and I still came out £30 ahead.

My shoe fund is looking good.

I am a member of the Netmums Parent Bloggers Network, a unique community of parent bloggers from around the UK who have been handpicked by the Netmums team from our database to review products and brands on their behalf. I am paid an expenses fee to cover my time (and childcare if the fee is big enough!) but Netmums have no editorial control whatsoever about what I blog about. Being a member of the Netmums Blogging Network means that I get to try out products and brands and get my expenses covered but that I retain full editorial integrity.

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