Guest Post: Stress Less

BritMums are hosting their first ever guest post pairings. Bloggers who want to participate stick their names into a hat, so to speak, and BritMums randomly match us into pairs. I’ve been paired with the lovely Vanessa from Housewives Incorporated, so I’m going to hand you over to Vanessa for her guest post.

I have written something for her site in return.  

Three Ways to Reduce Your Stress AND Save Time
Yes it may be a cliché to say “work smarter not harder” but quite frankly as a busy mum of a toddler (with another baby due in a few weeks too) I really don’t need to make my life any harder than it already is – especially with things that are directly within my control.

One area that immediately springs to mind is that of the weekly supermarket shop. Oh boy. What mum alive has never been the one with a screaming baby or toddler in tow? We’ve all been there.

Sure, you can try things like not going shopping when the little one is tired; or taking some snacks to keep them occupied; but an even better idea is to not go shopping at all!


Seriously – I can’t believe that there are still so many mums that haven’t cottoned on to the idea of online grocery shopping. Sure it can take as much as an hour, even when running through your ‘favourites’ or past orders, but that could be the hour when your little one is snoozing soundly upstairs (rather than throwing a wobbly in the dairy aisle).

The other stresses online shopping cuts out is the gamble of getting a parent and child parking space (but that’s a whole other story) and standing in a long queue waiting to pay.

That being said, there are times when the shopping list is too small to justify the delivery charge, so I have to pop down to the shop instead. This is where the self-checkouts are a lifesaver (as long as you only have a handful of items), or even better if you have a few too many things in the trolley: the self-scanners you can use at certain supermarkets these days. (When are all the others going to grab that brilliant idea??)

Just by choosing one of the options above, so much stress can be taken out of my life.

Another area that causes a great deal of anxiety for me must be going to the bank. Yup, again it’s the queues that get to me. These days with things like online banking, direct debits, ATMs, cashback at the supermarket, and so forth, I don’t get why so many folk still insist on standing in a queue to see a teller.

I mean, seriously, you don’t even need to set foot in a bank to apply for a loan, an overdraft, a credit card, or even forex for your summer holiday!

The third, and occasionally unavoidable place that seems like a queue magnet has to be the Post Office. I did some covert surveillance recently while in a horrendous queue waiting for the Passport ‘check and send’ service. That awful line was pretty evenly split between people buying car tax and those weighing and posting stuff (“d’uh, it’s a post office” I hear you say – well read on!).

Royal Mail has such a nifty facility on its website that allows you to print your own postage at home! I have a small digital kitchen scale on my desk that is perfect for weighing most of the items I ever need to send. I just punch in the details, print my barcoded postage-paid label and drop it in the box without ever needing to stand in a queue!

As for renewing my car tax every year, it must be close to 5 years since I’ve chosen to do it online. Why do it any other way?

What about you? What suggestions do YOU have for making our lives easier and less stressed?

More about Housewives Incorporated
If you are looking for fun things to do with your toddler, ideas for making your life as a mother easier, household hints, suggestions of things to do with the family or places to take them, then Housewives Incorporated is where you should start looking.

Thanks Vanessa! 

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