Meet My Son’s Toys

My childhood doll was Polly Folly and my teddy was Chocolate Crackles.  While I’m not sure where those names came from, my love of all things chocolate provides a clue.  A name like “Vodka Dolly” would have been a worry at 5 years of age.

I know of someone whose toy rabbit was Happy Birthday Rachel Thumper.

Although now that I think about it, I think that was a real rabbit actually.

Our little boy is 4, and we love the names he comes up with for his toys. I thought I’d share them here. Of course there is Gerald, who I have already written about. But Gerald was named by someone else so he doesn’t feature in this list.  His trains and plastic dinosaurs don’t feature either, as their names are wholly unimaginative – the dinosaurs, for example, are simply named after the type of dinosaur they are. Where’s the fun in that?  Especially when they could have names like:

Chocolate In Japan

Dolphin Coconut

Roughy Spotty

Rock Star Dinosaur


Tall Dinosaur (in his defence, it really is a tall dinosaur)

Baby Snuffles

Ballerina Abbie (this is his sisters, she doesn’t get to name many things)

Eater of Sharks and Clams


May I introduce his scooter, Pulchen?
When we bought his sister one, he named it….
I assume that’s the pink version of Pulchen.

A special mention goes to his fish, Water Pumper.  There is also his Iron Man figurine who has been re-named Water Man.  I couldn’t get photos of them though.

Care to share yours?

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