You Are A Child. Not A Stripper.

When did it become OK for girls to dance like strippers? When?

What was wrong with that bumbling side-to-side dance from the 80s, the one where you’d clap along to the music?

Bring back The Sprinkler! The Caterpillar! That dance move where you pretend to reel in a fish!

A few nights ago, I went with some girlfriends to see Bridesmaids – which, incidentally, is fantastic and I now have a crush on Chris O’Dowd.  We saw the preview for the re-made Footloose.  Of course my first reaction was disbelief that they couldn’t leave Footloose alone, but soon that turned to disbelief of another kind.

Did you spot it?

There’s a snippet where the new Kevin Bacon (is that the best name ever?) is dancing with the Minister’s daughter. Except she’s giving him a vertical lap dance. The new Kevin Bacon can’t believe his luck.

When I saw this, I felt sad. Have things changed that much from when I was at school? I felt sad for my beautiful 2 year old daughter – when she’s 17, will it be completely normal to grind your hips into the awkward, spotty teen she’s dancing with? God I hope not. If that is regular dancing, I felt sad for today’s teenage girls. Bring back the days of being awkward and faintly embarrassed on the dance floor, while still having fun. What was wrong with that?

I also admit to feeling like a real prude, which I really don’t think I am. I’m usually a “do whatever floats your boat” girl, and I don’t think I am easily shocked.

But one of my friends turned to me in horror and said “Did you see that???” And I felt better that it wasn’t just me. Phew! She went on to say that it made her feel sick to think of her two little girls dancing like that when they’re in high school.

Now, I don’t buy into the whole “youth of today” rubbish. You know what I mean – the youth of today have no manners, they have no respect, they don’t know about hard work, etc. Because every older generation thinks they were perfect when they were younger. And when we all think back, when we were “the youth of today” that’s exactly what people said about us. So that isn’t what this is about.

I’m saying that the sexualisation of girls is really pissing me off. You can buy padded bras for ten year olds. A few months ago I tried to buy some clothes for my eleven year old neice, and frankly a lot of the clothes were just plain slutty. Why? When did that happen? When I was eleven I was wearing a giant red jumper with Snoopy on it. Admittedly it’s not a look I think needs to make a comeback, but it’s still a demonstration of how things have changed in a short time.

I’d especially love to hear from mothers with daughters this age. Does this piss you off too?

And what are we going to do about it?

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