Last week, I had the blogging equivalent of one person showing up at my party.

I’m talking about last week’s Frock It. If not for Fussy Eater’s Mum, last week’s Frock It would have had no participants. None! It’s a very good thing I’m not easily offended.

I’m not going to scrap it, as I genuinely love seeing people’s link-ups. Even if it’s just – sniff – one. And I still think it’s a great idea (can you say that about your own idea? In Britain? It’s not very British is it?) in spite of it having very few friends.

Having said that, I’m interested in what you all think. Do you like the Frock It posts, do you hate them, are you indifferent, would you prefer to link up and share which nobbly shape caught your eye this week…? Your constructive feedback is very welcome.

Enough blathering, here is this week’s Frock It!

There wasn’t much that stood out to me this week. I had to search for one, which I normally don’t need to do. After a few minutes, my husband offered to help. He simply Googled “worst American wedding dresses” et voila!

I thought twice before posting this. It’s not right to be catty about someone’s wedding day. But then I realised: here is a woman who is OK with attention.

I’m not sure if words are necessary here.   I’ll just say that it’s a great piece of engineering.

Frock It is about sharing a dress that caught your eye this week. It can be beautiful, questionable or downright wrong. Put a picture of your one dress in a post, write about it if you like, and than come back and link up here. Don’t forget to comment on each other’s frocks – which should take one minute if last week is anything to go by.

I hope you join in! x (See, look, I put a kiss there as a way of enticing you to play along.)

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