Glamour is for Grown Ups

I recently wrote about the early sexualisation of girls in a post called You Are A Child. Not A Stripper.

It sparked some interesting comments, so thank you to those who shared your views. And so that I don’t leave anyone out: thank you to those who read it but didn’t comment, or who didn’t read it, or who intended to read it but didn’t. You guys rock and you know it! YEAH.

I’m now climbing just halfway up this soapbox so I can share these little snippets with you.

Making headlines this week is this beautiful model, Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau. Now there’s a name that’s asking to be misspelt.

Pout, leopard print, big quiff, tiger print, bling…
…pout, gold, heels, leopard print…. rabbits.

Did I mention she is ten? That’s 10. 10!! What do you think of this 10 year old model kicking back in her gold heels?  It doesn’t sit well with me at all. If you need a reminder of what a 10 year old looks like, this is me at that age.

This is from a video because I have no photos of me at 10 here.
In this video, I’m talking about my Cabbage Patch Kid and my bike.
But I couldn’t upload it so you’ll have to settle for a still and take my word for it.

In other recent news, an American-style beauty pageant was held in Melbourne for toddlers.   This proved to be a controversial event, as I think it should be.  Plenty of parents were against it, while others thought it was a bit of fun their girls could enjoy.

I’m not against beauty competitions for adults.  I don’t understand why anyone would go in them, and I don’t think they do women any favours.  But each to their own – if you are crazy enough to want to be judged while wearing a string bikini (why? why??), you’re old enough to decide that for yourself.  And the world would probably blow up if all those beauty queens didn’t dedicate their reigns to world peace.

But I’m not a fan of these pageants for young children. For me, there is something wrong about lining children up and rewarding the prettiest.  “Sorry you weren’t the prettiest this year, try again next time!  Have a nice day!”   And personally, I think pictures like this are just a bit creepy:

Crumpling from the weight of that hair.

Plenty of little girls love to dress up and totter around the house in Mummy’s heels. Anyone remember Tinkerbell makeup? I loved playing with that.

But I’m thankful my mother didn’t give me a fake tan, a showgirl costume and have me parade in front of judges.  Although at 18 I was asked to enter my town’s Miss Showgirl competition – oh if only I had entered, I could have got a sash and everything! But I have to live with this regret… sigh….

Our children are beautiful. Paying a judge to tell us just how beautiful is wrong.

What’s your opinion?

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