DVD Review & Double Giveaway

And now for one of the best jokes ever:

What is Postman Pat’s name now that he as retired?

Of course the beauty of this joke is you can amend it to suit you.  If you like fire engines (or, let’s face it, Fire Fighters)…

What is Fireman Sam’s name now that he has retired?

See?  Now don’t panic. Postman Pat hasn’t retired. In fact, he is turning 30. As he inches closer towards his mid thirties life, I (and many other bloggers too,just in case you thought I was special) have been asked to review his 30th birthday DVD.

So. What’s this special edition, fancy pants, “Oooh look at me, I’m 30, I know everything” DVD like? Well, there’s the usual high jinks that go with delivering mail. There’s the cat everyone loves but I think looks evil.  There’s the whole “can you guess what’s in his bag?” song.   I’m guessing it isn’t an overdue notice or one of those catalogues selling things like solar powered penguins for your garden.  And wouldn’t it be fun if Newman made a special guest appearance?

Pat is clearly doing something right if he has been on the telly for 30 years. My children certainly love this DVD. I love the silence that goes with them watching it.

This special edition DVD also comes with a CD of Postman Pat party songs.  Rock on!!  We had a lounge room disco where we ended up playing the second song over and over.  While it’s a great song, the dance moves it encourages are hardly flattering, “everybody wobble…. wobble like a jelly!”

Along with the Happy Birthday Pat DVD, which is available from 12 September, you can also buy a range of themed party supplies.  They look fantastic. I’m especially liking the “Postman Pat Party Paper Glasses.”

To celebrate Postman Pat’s 30th birthday, I am giving away a copy of his celebratory DVD.  For good measure, I also managed to get my hands on this brilliant kids DVD as well:

I LOVE Tinga Tinga Tales, so if you win it we’ll all come around to yours for a sing-along.

To enter, it’s very very easy.

1. Follow this blog if you are not already following.
2. Leave a comment below with details of how I can contact you.

It’s that simple.  The winner will be decided at random on 9 September.

Yours in animated postal fiction,

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