Frock It

My idea of cold is anything under 20 degrees.

Winter is around the corner, and this has me feeling a bit nervous. Lately my husband has been checking in with me about this. He’ll give me a cuddle, gently push the hair off my face and say, “How do you feel about Winter? Will you be OK?” You see, last Winter I was a real wuss. As the temperature kept lowering, I’d say things like, “You are f*cking kidding – I’m NOT going out in that.” The next day would be colder, “How the f*ck do people live in this?? How?? F*ck f*ck f*ck!!” I am sorry about the swearing, but it’s in context as it conveys my not being good at cold weather.

Once, last Winter, my husband and I were watching the weather forecast on the news. Before I could say anything, he goes, “I know, I know… how the f*ck can anyone live there? Are they insane?? How do they do it?? How do they live? How???” while waving his hands around because apparently, that’s what I do.

Oh. I had no idea I said that every time the weather came on the telly. But I did. They would make a comment like, “And in Scotland it will drop to minus three hundred degrees overnight tra la la” and I’d go off about how on earth people do it.

I have been telling him I’ll be fine. The first Winter is the hardest and we’ve done that now.

But now that it’s getting chilly, I am a bit jittery. When it’s cold, getting the kids dressed and out the door is as fun as eating a brick. I spend every day saying, “Where’s your other mitten? Where’s your scarf? Where’s your other mitten?” And then there is the simple fact that I have to leave the warm house and go outside.

My other, more vain, issue is that I still haven’t got the knack of Winter dressing. Everyone else looks warm, comfortable and stylish. I look ridiculous.

So for this week’s Frock It, I thought I’d go for something a bit silly. Something that you will never see in Winter. And this is it:

Here is a woman with shiny purple legs wearing a giant sausage on her head.  I’m not meant to love it, but somehow, against my better judgement, I do.  I know that if I ever met the designer, I would like them.  Anyone who designs a sausage and egg outfit is OK by me.  Just don’t ask me to wear it.

So, who is up for Frock It this week?  It’s simple.  You just select a dress that has caught your eye and put it in a post.  Then come back,  link up and we can all admire, or laugh at, your choice. Come and play!

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