Shiny New Things

I really don’t mean to make you all jealous, but this week I’ve got lots of new things. I am like a kid at Christmas… a labrador on heat… what can I say? I’m excited.

Firstly, I made my first ever E-Bay purchase. Am I the last person on earth to use E-Bay? I was procrastinating and somehow found this brand new Monsoon dress:

(Not actual size)

With just minutes to go, I bid £7.49, although I’m not sure why I bid such a strange amount. I won and fear I will become an E-Bay addict. The dress fits, it’s new, it’s pretty – happy days!

Next, my little sister gave me this beautiful sign for my kitchen. Each letter is a resin cut-out that sticks to the wall. Now I certainly don’t need a reminder to eat, but me do likey.

She bought it from

Then my other sister arrived in London (big hooray!!) and brought me this:

I have wanted a bottle of Flowerbomb for years. So I smell like, well, a flowerbomb. How fabulous of me.

Next, we were sent something slightly less glamorous:

I had agreed to review Moon Dough’s new grocery store toy. And then I forgot all about it. So it was a great surprise when it arrived, in fact the children were so hysterical you’d have thought we have no toys in the house.

Have you ever touched Moon Dough?? It is one weird-arse thing – silky, weightless and squishy. It’s a bit like Play Doh but never dries out.

This set comes with a little shopping basket, and various food-shaped moulds so you can create your own mini grocery store… hence the name. It also has a cash register which doubles as a Moon Dough coin maker. On the box are pictures of things you can create.

The pictures on the box are exactly the same as my 2 year old’s creations.

The kids loved it, and called each other “shopkeeper” and “customer” throughout their game. They were sooooo not copying Mummy, just in case you ever thought I did that. They had an absolute ball, but alas, I did not. It turns out that Moon Dough and carpet are not a good match. Although Spiderman, like my children, was impressed.

Spiderman has an urgent delivery of baked beans.

My verdict? My children really love Moon Dough. If I didn’t have carpet, there is every chance I would love it too.

And finally, I had noticed a toy kitchen in the window of our local FARA. I had wanted to buy a second hand one for a little while, and with all this pretend food around the house it seemed perfect. By the time I got there, I was too late but… I stayed and had a good look around. I ended up finding a cream Monsoon swing coat, still with its tags on. Needless to say it is tucked up in my wardrobe, grateful to have been rescued in the name of charity.

And someone else is about to get a very nice little delivery. Yes, the winner of the box of Gower Cottage Brownies has been drawn at random. Drum roll please…

Congratulations Carolin Mader! Off to tweet you now at @caro_mad. Enjoy your brownies.

I am so loving all my new things. What’s new in your house? Any good finds?

(Boring bit at the end: these opinions are my own. I was given the Moon Dough in return for writing what I think of it.)

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