Saved by the Ball

Now, I tried to resist putting these photos together, honestly I did. But here they are.  We’re right into the rugby World Cup so I’ll use that as my feeble excuse.  (YES we lost to Ireland, I know, I know….)

I think this rather unsubtle collection raises a few questions:

1. Do ping pong players wish their balls were bigger so they can pose like the footballers?

2. Did all these photographers do the exact same course?

3. Are these men confused as to the intended purpose of their sporting, ahem, equipment?

4. Am I the only heterosexual woman who thinks these photos are really funny?

So here we have a collection of photos I will call “Men Using Balls to Cover Their Balls.” Obviously.

He really loves his football.  

If I wanted to take this further, I could have included the cricketers as well. It turns out they pose with their bats in much the same way.

I’ll leave you with that thought.

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