Celebrities I Like. Or Have Great PR.

This week’s Listography is “top 5 celebrities I’d like to go for a beer with.” Here is my list in no particular order.

1. Jemaine Clements
Jemaine is from New Zealand, which is not Australia. They have their own Prime Minister and everything! (That one goes out to my first boss, who was surprised at this discovery.) Jemaine is one half of duo Flight of the Conchords, and to be honest I’d love a beer with Brett just as much. But I picked Jemaine for his special dancing.

And just because I love you, here is a live version of Business Time. Is it Wednesday yet?

2. Matt Damon
Just because.

3. Mia Freedman
I’m not sure if she’s a celebrity in the strictest sense of the word, although she is certainly very well known in Australia. I’m including Mia because I am always agreeing when I read her writing, and there would certainly be a lot to talk about. You can read her too at www.mamamia.com.au.

4. John Bishop
Now here is one very funny man… when I can understand what he is saying. In fact I think I’d love a beer with most comedians as long as they weren’t expecting a night off. I would demand they be funny or they won’t get any beer from me.

5. Gok Wan
Is it bad to include him so I get called “gorgeous” and “fabulous” while drinking my beer? That’s OK, isn’t it?

Head over to Kate Takes 5 to read other people’s lists.

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