Frock It: When More is More

And now it’s time for the most unpopular meme in the blogosphere – Frock It!  The last Frock It had, I kid you not, no participants.  None.  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  Has a meme ever had zero participants before?  Have I set some kind of record?  Is it bad that I see this as some kind of achievement?  Ah well, here is another chance to Frock It if you fancy joining in.

It was hard just picking one dress this time. We’ve had the Emmys. There was London Fashion Week where, surprisingly, Pippa Middleton was photographed. I simply couldn’t believe it, the papers normally ignore her, don’t they? In Australia there was the Brownlow Medal. This is a swanky affair where the best and fairest player in the AFL (Australian Football League) is awarded, wait for it, the Brownlow Medal. The Aussie WAGs pose for their country on the blue (not red) carpet, and vie to make the subsequent best dressed lists.

The Brownlow Medal has given us some notable fashion moments. My favourite was Tania Buckley’s white dress cut low at the back to display her sparkly g-string in 2001. There is something very special about showcasing your g-string as a feature of your outfit. Do google it.

I picked this dress worn by a woman named Brynne Edelsten. Now you’ve got to hand it to young Brynne. No shrinking violet, she certainly does know how to liven up the place with her “more is more” approach to dressing. That old chestnut about just showcasing one part of your body at a time? She sticks two fingers up to that one. As she does to simplicity, elegance and, in my opinion, taste. I think it’s tacky and mildly ridiculous but I kind of like her for it.

“I’m here!!!”
Brynne with her husband.  Do check out the dress’s train.
No walking backwards for Brynne that night.

Frock It is all about the love of the frock.  All you have to do is choose one dress and write a post about it on your blog.  Then come back here and link up.  Be sure to have a look at what others have contributed, but let’s face it, yours will probably be the only one. If I’m lucky.  Hear those violins in the background?

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