Only Plebs Hold Their Own Umbrellas

In case you noticed, it’s been a while. Sorry!

One of the perks of being famous, apparently, is not having to hold your own umbrella. I’m not talking about sharing an umbrella, noooo.  This is about having a lacky stand next to you holding one firmly over your pretty little head.  Sure, they get horribly wet and their arm drops off later from the awkward angle. But so what?

Mrs Beckham looking chirpy.

I can absolutely see the appeal in having someone do this for you in some instances. Pushing a buggy through torrential rain, for example. Or sitting in a stormy field trying to knit.

To be fair, Beyonce has her hands very full.

Who knew holding your own umbrella could be such a challenge? Hold arm up, step, step, step, is arm still up? Yes. Great. Hold arm up, step, step, step, is arm still up? Yes. Great…

Cheryl Cole: Marry footballer + in a girl band = famous in the UK.

Sure, in many instances the umbrella holder is probably their guard or driver. But I like to think that in Famous People Land, people actually hire themselves a personal umbrella holder. Or rather, a Precipitation Avoidance Technician.

Apparently he is in Gossip Girl.  I love this photo.
Claudia Schiffer wearing some kind of sack.
Cameron Diaz
Heidi Klum
Jake Gyllenhaal.  Up until now I didn’t have a clue how that was spelt.
Our Kylie
P Diddy
Jennifer Aniston
Woody Allen
Whatever you do, Florence Welch, don’t let an umbrella get in the way of your posing.

For some perspective, here is a photo of the President of the United States holding his own umbrella while delivering a speech.

Looking for these photos, I got a big shock when I saw Hugh Jackman with a Precipitation Avoidance Technician. Surely “Our Hugh” (as we Aussies like to call him) is an everyday bloke who carries his own umbrella?  I’m sure this was a one-off, probably under direct orders from a cigar-smoking studio boss.

I didn’t add that text, by the way.

What’s that? You want more photos of Hugh Jackman?  Oh alright.

(Ginny – it should have been you!!) 
Was Australia the worst movie ever made?  It’s certainly up there with  Sex & The City 2.

And to finish, I’d just like to share with you a picture that is off the subject.  It was in the Daily Mail this week and it should have been headlines really, it’s just so darn newsworthy.  Gwyneth Paltrow sweats after exerting herself!  Who knew??

That is all.

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