The Dummy Fairy

Personally I can’t imagine needing to suck on a plastic teat to get myself to sleep. But I’m not a toddler. Our darling girl, who is nearly 3, has never slept any other way.

For various reasons, we decided it was time for the Dummy Fairy to come and take the dummies away. So after much explanation, we decorated a Dummy Fairy box together. Have I ever mentioned craft is not my strength? Well, craft is not my strength. So if I ever say “we decorated” something, it usually means we covered it in stickers.

So anyway, we covered the Dummy Fairy box with stickers. That night, our darling girl ceremoniously put a letter to the Dummy Fairy into the box, along with her dummies. We all clapped and that was that. The Dummy Fairy would fly into the house that night while everyone was asleep, take the dummies to give to a baby, and leave a present.  She’s not the most original fairy. I wonder if the Tooth Fairy feels ripped off.

And so began a night of our daughter sobbing into her pillow. I sat beside her and sang for a couple of hours. That’s serious lullaby commitment. While that was by far the worst night, we haven’t had a decent night yet and the afternoon sleeps have gone out the window.  Yes our daughter is missing her dummy, but her parents are really missing her dummy. She keeps asking for a dummy for her birthday and I feel terrible.

The next morning there was a thank-you note from the Dummy Fairy, which I have now been asked to read about a gazillion times. There was also a present. In a rare moment of excellent timing, I had agreed to review Fisher Price’s Red Rover game. And what a coincidence – that is the exact same toy the Dummy Fairy left.  Thanks, Dummy Fairy.

Darling Girl instantly fell in love with it, in fact now he comes with us everywhere. It’s a great game for little ones, and we’ve taken it on a few playdates. It keeps the children sufficiently occupied so the mummies can sit and eat muffins. A win-win.

The Red Rover game is a memory game where the kids get to run about.  Basically, the dog has a set of bones each with a different colour, number or shape.  You switch the dog on, and he calls for a specific bone.  All the bones are scattered face-down, so the kids have to run around and search for the right bone.  You shove the correct bone in it’s mouth and it will say something like “hot diggity dog!” in a chirpy American accent.  She loves it.

My only gripe?  Fisher Price toys normally have two volume settings, whereas this just has one: loud.  This isn’t helped by the fact that our daughter switches it on throughout the night.  A plastic dog going “ruff ruff ruff ruff pant pant pant pant” at 3am is annoying.  I wish I had a joke about rough pants, that’d be perfect here, but I don’t.

Darling Girl went to a birthday party the other day.  In the party bag was one of those whistles that look like big lips.

Is there a Whistle That Looks Like Big Lips Fairy?

I was given the Red Rover Game in return for the review.  All opinions are my own blah blah blah… maybe I’ll liven up this bit at the end with some exclamation marks!!!!! Yeah!!! Some more!!!! 

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