His UK, My UK

My husband’s experience of living in the UK is entirely different to mine.

But before I continue, the man needs a blog nickname.  Hmmm.  The One Who Remembers to Put Out the Rubbish?  Husband Who Cannot Believe His Wife Likes Antiques RoadshowHe Who Can Talk Underwater?  He might like Master & Commander?  Man with Exceptional Looks & Athletic Prowess?  I asked him what he thought, and he said “that last one is pretty accurate.”    That’s a lot of typing, so I’ll just keep calling him “my husband.”

There have been numerous times when he’s dashed off to some swanky affair, looking a million dollars, often in his dinner suit. Last week it was to a party at Buckingham Palace, and he has another one coming up too. He’ll give me a kiss goodbye, being careful to avoid the flour / playdoh / talcum powder etc that I am probably covered in.  I’ll wave him goodbye from the front door, in my trackies and uggs, then go back to the children to continue talking about dinosaurs / lego / favourite colours.

To further illustrate my point, he has met the following people since being here.  It’s not name dropping, because it wasn’t me who met them, and it has all been through his work:

  • Royals (The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William at 3 separate functions)
  • Colin Firth
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Roger Federer
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Daniel Craig (this is in the next couple of weeks actually)
  • The Socceroos, Wallabies and Australian Cricket Team (in case you are into sport)
No, this isn’t my husband.
This is Rafael Nadal, a man who poses a LOT in his undies.

Want to know what famous people I have met since moving here?

  • The creator of Bob the Builder’s mother-in-law (she’s great, by the way)
Bob needs no explanation.  Onya, Bob.

He has seen much more than me in the last year:

  • France (4 times)
  • Switzerland (also 4 times)
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Germany (twice)
  • Egypt
  • Portugal (twice)
  • Ireland (twice)
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • New York
  • Denmark
  • Istanbul

Meanwhile, I have been to:

  • The park (3 times this week)
  • Dublin (love it, and bloggers from Dublin are incredibly talented)
  • Playgroup (3 different playgroups per week)
  • Peppa Pig World
  • St Albans (twice)
  • Portugal (that’s pretty cool actually)
  • Paris (so cool that I felt uncool)
  • Our local Budgens (most days)
  • The butcher (if Tony waves as I walk past with meat from Budgens I feel like a traitor)

You might think I’m writing this, seething with jealously.  I assure you I’m not, but I do find it funny. I am perfectly, 100% content – I know it’s smug, but we are very happy. I get a fridge magnet from every new city he visits, the kids get another snowglobe, what more can you want?

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