Another long(ish) absence. Sorry!! I’ve been working on another project which I hope to share with you soon. I know you’ll be needing illegal horse tranquilisers to contain your excitement.

In the meantime, let’s talk about words. What are your favourites? Which words make you squirm?

I’ll start. Because it’s my blog.

I Like…

I rarely get to use it. Maybe I should create the opportunity by throwing something out the window myself?

It’s funny. And a bit rude.

Driving through the countryside, I so want to use this word. But I don’t for fear of others thinking I am being a dickhead.

I’m sorry but I really did have to include this. I’ll tell you why. One of the funniest stories I have heard is a friend telling me about a wedding she went to. “The bride’s mother chose the cake, and it was a giant doodle!” Yes. Someone had a big penis as their wedding cake. It wasn’t just a giant penis though, it also had the brides’ arms hugging it. Nice. I thought the use of “doodle” in that story gave it that extra something.

I’ve been a fan of this ever since Fast Forward’s Rampant Stupidity. No idea what I’m talking about? Here you go.

Words I Don’t Like

Urgh!! It’s just so wrong. For me, it is the undie-sniffer’s word of choice. But that’s just me (or is it?).

Bloom / blooming
This word is perfectly fine in a horticultural context. But when used to describe a pubescent or pregnant woman, it’s ick.

I know I might be all alone here, and I sincerely hope those mumpreneurs among you aren’t offended by this. But why not just use the word “entrepeneur?” Is it that “entrepeneur” feels a bit too serious?

Having called it an “eggplant” all my life, I find myself feeling self-conscious when I use this word. I know I don’t say it properly – is it “OH-bergine” or “OR-begine?” It makes me feel like I think I can speak French. “Ooh listen to her, giving her vegetables fancy names!” This is a shame as I make a mean aubergine bake, if I do say so myself.

OK so this photo makes it look like novelty plastic vomit.

I have a great deal of admiration and gratitude for what the uterus does. But it’s still a word that makes me squirm.

And while we’re talking words, I have a question. In Ireland, is the word “feck” a swear word or not?

So what about you? What words do you like or dislike?

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