A Short One About Some Ads I Noticed

I love a decent bag as much as the next woman.  But I’m hardly Chanel’s target market. That’s fine – really. Although their “Marilyn” nail polish is probably the best colour in the world.

But Chanel’s latest campaign just isn’t doing it for me.

“This one shows I’m pretty but don’t take myself too seriously!”

A monogrammed face mask? Really?  I know they can stick a monogram on anything and people will buy it, but still. Personally, I’m waiting for their “Nuits Sec” nappy range for toddlers.  I’ll be snapping those babies up faster than you can say “Keep it dry, darling, it’s Chanel!”  And I’m sure my son is desperate for them to collaborate with Transformers.  An Optimus Prime Autobot is just begging for a lovely big Chanel logo.

I feel sorry for the model.  She’s told her parents she finally got a Chanel gig and they can’t tell it’s her. “Of course we believe you, sweetheart!”

I turned the page of the magazine (got to love a hair appointment) and there was another one. My hairdresser thinks I’m a bit nutty for always taking photos of their magazines. I tried to explain that I keep seeing things I find funny, and she said, “Oh.”

I think this is a beautiful photo.  But do we aspire to pink eyebrows and fully-grown camellias scattered throughout our hair?  No.  Haven’t they heard the term “lady garden?”

And that, Chanel, is precisely why I am not spending a thousand pounds on one of your bags.  Yes that is the only reason.

And now, my lovelies, this is the reason why I don’t read Tatler magazine.


Am I missing something here?

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