I’m Sorry

Don’t ask me why, but last night I decided I’d do the NaBloPoMo challenge. It wasn’t a decision I put any thought into. I just think it’s good to stretch yourself from time to time.

Let me explain. NaBloMoPo is, obviously, National Blog Posting Month. It means that I will be writing a blog post every day in November.

NaBloPoMo 2011

Let’s just let that sink in for a minute. I will be writing, and publishing, a post a day. Why? Why??

So I am apologising to you in advance. I’m not pretending this blog is the most scintillating read in the world. But if I have to post every single day, there is every chance you’ll be getting posts like this:

I like mine with brown sugar. But sometimes I like it with cinnammon and apple. I don’t like it too hot. So I have to blow on it for a while…

Sometimes my clothes don’t fit. And sometimes they do. Isn’t it amazing how on some days, your clothes fit and on other days they don’t? But my shoes fit all the time. Except when I was pregnant. Then they were too small…

It’s hard to choose furniture isn’t it? Because I will like one thing, and my husband will like something else. But if we are going to buy something, we both need to like it. You can’t have one person liking it and the other person not liking it…

Isn’t it annoying when you have to post something but you don’t have any stamps? You have to go to the Post Office. The queues at the Post Office are long aren’t they…

Motherhood is amazing. Before I had children, I wasn’t a mother. Now I have children. So I’m a mother. And I think motherhood is amazing…

Weddings are so much fun. It’s so special seeing two people get married. I love going to weddings. Do you? I’m sure you do. Everyone loves weddings…

Nina & The Neurons
Isn’t Nina perky? She’s really perky. I wonder if she gets sick of that hairstyle every day. If I had to wear my hair like that every day, I’d get sick of it. “I’m sick of it!” I’d say…

My Day
Today I woke up early. I was hungry. I had breakfast and I gave breakfast to the kids too. We were on time to school, that was good, and then I went to the shops because I needed to buy groceries. I forgot to get the bread so I had to go back…

What I am taking a long time to say is, if the posts are terrible, I’m sorry. I know there are people who get annoyed by too many posts. If you’re one of them, I hope you can put up with me. Check in as often or as little as you like. But if you dump me forever, I’ll go all Bella Swan from New Moon on you.

If you enjoy what you read please do let me know. I will need all the encouragement I can get.

Until tomorrow,

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