Children’s TV Shows We’ll Never See. Unfortunately.

Miffy is Miffed
Sure, Miffy is a sweet little bunny… until her carrots go missing! It turns out she has serious anger management issues. Will her classes work?

Crazy Carnivores
Delight in the antics as these meat-eating animals go for the jugular. Literally!

Sammy the Snail
A bungling town planner at the local council has re-zoned Sammy’s street. The result? A French restaurant is opening next door to everyone’s favourite mollusc. Mais non!

Dumbo Delivery
Who said elephants never forget? After intensive repressed memory therapy, Dumbo realises the stork is to blame for all his problems. He’s on a mission to hunt her down. Where is that pesky bird?

Timmy the Termite
What happens when termites eat away the foundations of your house? It falls down, of course! Oh Timmy, how you make us laugh.

Maisy’s Mistake
Maisy, forgetting she’s a mouse, befriends a cat. Silly Maisy!

Careless Kelly in the Kitchen
With so many sharp and hot things about, the kitchen is potentially lethal. But no-one told Careless Kelly! Ouch!

Percy the Magical Pig
Where would we be without Percy and his friends? They give us ham, bacon and pork. Fantastic!

Disinterested George
Follow the adventures of a seriously apathetic monkey.

Lucy the Leftovers Fairy
If there were leftovers at dinnertime, this feisty little fairy will visit once everyone is asleep. Kids will be licking their dinner plates clean for years to come, for Lucy the Leftovers Fairy is an evil bitch.

What would you add?

This November, I’m writing one post every day as part of NaBloPoMo. Kim Kardishian – you really should have held out until December before you filed for divorce. With close to 2,000 bloggers involved in NaBloPoMo workwide, something tells me your lucrative marriage will be an extra big topic this month.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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