Australia’s Big Things

Where other countries have statues, ancient buildings and manicured gardens with historical significance, Australia has big things.  And we love them.

As far as I’m aware, they’re unique (or “Yoonique” which I wish my name was) to Australia. Is that right?


A “big thing” is usually a fibre-glass replica of what the region is best known for. They put towns on maps, break up long road trips and are great backgrounds for cheesy photos.

They are also where you can buy overpriced novelty items that say things like “I went to The Big Chook and all I got was this ruler.” There are about 150 big things – although some, frankly, are just not that big. These let all the genuinely big things down and should really be called “medium things.”

Some examples of big things are below. I hope you enjoy these little nuggets of Aussie gold.

Here we have the Big Potato.  And you’re right, it absolutely doesn’t look like anything else, other than a big potato.

big-potatoNext on our tour is my personal favourite, the Big Pineapple.  This was one of my favourite places as a child.  They have a train where the carriages look like macadamia nuts – the Nut Mobile.  Genius!


Now for the Big Banana.  There is nothing a bit rude about this.  Nothing.

Big_Banana_CoffsMore?  You want more??

The Big Peanut


The Big Barramundi


The Big / Genetically Mutated Lobster


The Big Rockinghorse


The Big Earthworm


The Big Cassowary


The Big Crab


The Big Gumboot


The Big Mango


The Big Merino


The Big Pelican


The Big Oyster


I can tick the pineapple, earthworm, merino and oyster off my list.  Which ones have you been to?  Is there a big thing your town or city should build?

This November, I’m writing one post every day as part of NaBloPoMo. No, I don’t know why either.  I lost a follower on the very first day.  I hope you’ll bear with me, and any encouragement is appreciated.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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