Welcome to My Posing Workshop

I had such fun compiling photos of Victoria Beckham posing, I was inspired to take it one step further.

After studying some expert posers, I got the camera out and put this new-found knowledge into practice. The results, as I’m sure you’ll agree, are amazing. I have ended up with some very natural, flattering photos of myself. I fully intend to have enlarged, framed versions sent to everyone I have ever met.

Feel free to try these methods too. You could even post them on your blog. What’s that? “Humiliation shared is humiliation halved??” I have no idea what you’re talking about.

The Basics

1. It’s all in the pout.

This one is no secret. The second you sense a camera pointing at you, stop what you are doing. Even if you are doing CPR. Stop it. The photographer deserves your full attention. Say something self-deprecating like “Oh no, don’t take my photo!” which buys you valuable seconds for preening. Then focus on the camera and pout for your country. The CPR can wait.

The pout is universally flattering. It never looks miserable, it doesn’t remind anybody of a duck or fish and you will absolutely not look like a muppet.

Even a happy family snap is a good reason to pout. 

See?  Looks natural and candid doesn’t it?

2. Use your mouth

Ooooooh – aren’t we provocative! Stick something in your mouth and you’ll look coy and alluring. My husband took this photo of me and afterwards he said, “Wow Rach, you look so coy and alluring.”

Very subtle.

Intermediate Level

3. Look vacant

Keep the pout going, now add an element of air-head into the mix.  If it’s impossible to clear your head of all thoughts, just open your eyes really wide. I suggest you botox your forehead into submission beforehand. Stare beyond the camera lens and channel your inner Bambi. It works for Keira. And I think you’ll find it works for me too, that’s why I’ve put two photos of me here.  Can you make it work for you?

Stunning! No, not “stunned.” I said “STUNNING.” 

This is a very sexy look.  Can you handle it?

Advanced Posing

4. Look Behind You

Warning: this pose is extremely complex. It should only be attempted once the others have been mastered.

My favourite time for this pose is when there’s a backdrop in place with a group of photographers waiting. You walk in, and rather than face the photographers, you keep your back to them and face the backdrop instead. “What’s she doing??” you’ll hear them whisper.  That’s when you whip your head around, keeping your torso still facing the wrong direction. And helloooooo to the “my back is my best feature” pose. Thank you Renee.

But you’re not limited to just that scenario. Your child’s next birthday party? School reunion? Wedding? Trip to Legoland? When you see a camera, turn your back to it. Focus, then turn around. Excellent.

If you would like to challenge yourself further, try combining all these elements. It is worth the effort, for you’ll end up with something very special. Like this:

What do you think?

This November, I’m writing one post every day as part of NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo 2011

If you like it, share it! x

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