A Vital Ingredient. That Wasn’t A Metaphor.

Allow me to point out the bleeding obvious: when you live in a different country, there are treats from home that you miss. Being from Australia, I miss Twisties, Cherry Ripes, Tim Tams… the lot. It’s not like I ate them every day (friends from uni would beg to differ), but it was good to know they were available.

I am about to make my first online purchase of food from home. Of all the things I love, of all the things you can order online or ask a friend to post, I am going to buy copha. Copha is a vegetable fat shortening made from hydrogenated coconut oil. Yep – it’s 100% fat. And yes, I have found a website that can send it to me.

I’ll explain.

Yesterday was our daughter’s 3rd birthday. I really love organising our kids’ parties. Two party staples for many who grew up in my part of the world are chocolate crackles and fairy bread. For chocolate crackles you need copha. I couldn’t find it at the supermarket. I tried several supermarkets with no joy.

Fairy bread.
Anyone know where you can buy decent 100s & 1000s in the UK?  These didn’t cut it.
Had to include a cupcake photo.  These are raspberry and coconut – oh yum.

In desperation I got online. It turns out there are leagues of Australians in the UK, deperate to make chocolate crackles but without ready access to copha. Website after website, forum after forum, were urgent plaintive cries of “Quick – can you make chocolate crackles without copha??”, “how the hell do you make copha?”, “Argh!! What’s the copha equivalent in the UK????” and so on. To the makers of copha – please export to the UK. We love you.

After some research, Mum and I decided to mix Rice Krispies (what’s with the “K?”) with melted chocolate and coconut. It set in the fridge, and for all intents and purposes it was chocolate crackles. But it was nowhere near as good as the real thing.

Our son’s pirate party is in 2 weeks. That gives me plenty of time to buy it online. I might sneak in some cheeky Twisties too. And some Violet Crumbles.

Although I have just discovered cheesy Wotsits – oh wow. Where have they been all my life? OK that was a stupid question. They’ve been in the UK.

This November, I’m writing one post every day as part of NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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