Inventive Spam

As much as I hate spam, you’ve got to hand it to whoever wrote this little number. They’ve written a plot that would make the writers of Days of Our Lives jealous.

But why did they leave it at just one email? Why don’t they write a series of emails so we can follow the heroine through this turbulent time?

In the email I got today (see below for a shortened version), the writer has ingested a slow-release poison given to her by her evil brother-in-law. In her weakened state, she emails an eighth of the world’s population, looking for just the right person to take both her son and her $10.5 million.

They should sell their story to a production company.
“Slow Death Message” has a good ring to it, don’t you think?

But I want to read a prequel. In the longer email, she says her brother-in-law was loved by her entire family. Where did it all go wrong? And what exactly happened at the “diner business party they went in London?” Is there a chance the poison could have come from an evil waiter, and this whole thing is a terrible mistake? And what happens next? Does she die? Does her son vow to avenge her death? When he is older, does he hire a man called Damien who will kill for cash and really ought to shave? What about the evil waiter?

We need more, dammit!

I am suffering from a slow killing poison that was given to me by my late husband’s half brother because of an inheritance of US$1O.5 Million left for me and my son by my late husband, my late husband’s half brother was my late husband’s business partner, it was like a family business before their last oil deal of (US$10.5million), he become so greedy that he poisoned my husband on a diner business party they went in London and when he found out that my husband made me his next of kin on the money, he now gave me a slow killing poison so that when I die he will use my son to claim the money from the bank maybe after claiming the money he will also kill my son.

What a greedy and deadly person, he is doing this to me and my family that loved and welcomed him like one of us, the world is wicked.The reason why I am contacting you is to handover the (US$10.5 Million) that I inherited from my late husband so that you can invest it and take care of my son till he become a man enough to handle the affairs of the investment.

Anyway of course I will take her up on the offer, all I have to do is supply my bank details. You can’t turn down $10.5 million, can you?

This November, I’m writing one post every day as part of NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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