Favourite Australian Place Names

The other day I emailed my sister, telling her I am blogging every day for a month. She sent me a list of post suggestions. These include:

– 10 Top Meals I Have Ever Eaten
– Cheese… A Love Affair
– Things I Do To Avoid Exercise
– Chocolate… Not Just For Breakfast
– Milo… A Love Story (Milo is a chocolate powder used to flavour milk. I am obsessed with it.)

OK, OK, I get it! Jeez.

She also had “Siblings – Why My Sister Is A Legend.” This is a great idea, but this post would be too long. 🙂

Another idea she had was my favourite Australian place names.

Rooty Hill
Every schoolkids’ favourite, and yes, I know – very juvenile of me. The majority of this blog’s readers are not in Australia, so I need to point out that “root” is a slang term for sex. This means that whenever someone here in London tells me they are going home for a “root around” I am trying not to laugh.

Lightning Ridge
I don’t know any other name that suits a town so perfectly. You go to Lightning Ridge, look around and think to yourself, “Yep. This is definitely Lightning Ridge.”

Actually, the next town name is also a perfect description…

Love it.

Dog Swamp
This Perth suburb’s name doesn’t do it any favours, does it? Although it does put it on the map. In a doggy, swampy way.

Wee Waa
If you’ve never come across this glittering jewel, it’s pronounced “Wee War.” Australians love to shorten words, but Wee Waa is never shortened to Wee. I have no idea why not.

As an aside, I was once on the cover of Wee Waa News holding a turkey. It was a proud moment not just for me, but for turkeys everywhere.

This is pronounced “palla-malla-war.” It’s called “pally” for short.

Pronounced “dunny-doo.” This is funny because it incorporates the word “dunny” which, in case I need to spell it out, is another word for toilet.

This is funny because it incorporates the word “bog” which, in case I need to spell it out, is another word for toilet. Now there is a word I never thought I’d use twice in a post.

Wagga Wagga
This is usually shortened to “Wagga.” Fair enough too.

Once you know how to say it, it just rolls off the tongue. Collarenebri. That was me saying it quickly as though it rolled off my tongue.

What are your favourite place names? Let’s get a good list together.

This November, I’m writing one post every day as part of NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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