The Mummy Quiz

Yesterday I got this little mention on Twitter from Karin at Cafe Bebe.

I know what Karin means, I’m in two minds about tagging in blogworld. But I quite like the idea behind this little quiz.  And yes, the fact that I’m blogging every day in November might have reduced any need to persuade me.

So here it is, my “Mummy Quiz.”

Before my children can fall asleep I have to…
…read them stories, chat about the day and what’s on tomorrow, then we all cuddle. I sing to my daughter, and my son reads to me. It’s lovely. When everything is going to plan I love this time of day.

When dealing with over-tired children who are not co-operating, I do not love this time of day. But I do have wine. And I love that.

One thing I do that makes my children laugh is…
…dance with them. I would like to point out that they are laughing with me, not at me. There’s a big difference.

One thing my children do that makes me laugh is…
… play with no idea I am listening to them.

“I’m a pirate knight, and you’re a fairy.”
“No. I’m a firefighter fairy. Quick, smoke! Give me the breathing apparatus!”
“The fire’s out, well done you clever girl! Now I’d like two oranges and a banana please, shopkeeper.”
“Here you are, that’s two hundred pounds. What else can I help you with today?”
“Wait – what’s that stomping sound? It’s a…”
“DINOSAUR! Run! Be careful of the volcano!”

I’m more lenient than I thought I would be about…
…watching TV. I used to be strict about it. Now? CBeebies is my best friend and a surrogate parent. I tell myself it’s educational. But in my heart I know I just want a cup of tea in peace.

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve said as a parent is…
…”I know it looks like chocolate. But it’s actually mummy’s medicine.” It has served me well for years, but my son is now onto me.

The best rule in our house is…
…”Don’t be a scary dinosaur.”  My son wanted a list of rules for the house, so we sat down and wrote them out.  This came in at number 10 and was his doing.  It’s because he was forever going “RAHH!” to his sister to make her cry. When he made this one of our rules, it was good to know he was listening all those times.

Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and make my child…
… pronounce everything correctly. I’m referring to my daughter who is about to start speech therapy. I’m very glad it’s not regular “tell me about your mother?” therapy. Not yet, anyway.

I am tagging Penny at Alexander Residence and Kate from Kate Takes 5.  Although if you like the sound of this, just do it without waiting to be tagged.  It’s NaBloPoMo, after all.

This November, I’m writing one post every day as part of NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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