Happy New Year! An Original Title for 1 January.

I hope 2012 is a year to remember for all the right reasons. I hope your wonderful days far outweigh any bad ones and that your homes just burst with lurve.

I know they are professional models, but how are they not laughing?

Thank you for reading this, whether you’re a regular here or someone who stumbled upon it once and thought “nah” before quickly going elsewhere. Thanks to those who comment, tweet about posts, follow this site on Facebook, email me and to those who think about doing these things but never get around to it.

Much will be written about new years’ resolutions this week. As we all know, this is the day for them. I’ve never been good at new years’ resolutions, although I do like the idea. Years ago, my husband suggested we each write our resolutions, then swap them so we could read each others.

His List
Keep Rach smiling
Be the best father I can be
Enjoy watching our baby grow up
Be more patient
Help more around the house
Keep fit
(And various specific work-related goals)

My List
Buy more groceries

If I could just explain myself, it was a time when we never had any decent food in the house. And food keeps us alive. So you could say mine was a deeply important and profound new years resolution.

Even so, my husband thought it was really crappy. “What, so you’ll buy one more apple each week and that’s it?!”

He has been asking me what my resolutions are all day, and I have been non-committal. We have the same conversation every new years day. Tonight I will be asked again.  I’ll make something up and hopefully I’ll have a neat little list. Maybe this is a sign I should be more goal-oriented this year?

What are your resolutions? Can I pinch them?

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