Leaders of the 80s

Margaret Thatcher
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 1979 – 1990

Baroness Thatcher has since been honorary Chancellor of two universities, set up her own foundation and released her memoirs. She suffered several small strokes in 2002, putting an end to her public speaking. More recently, her ill health saw her fail to attend several high-profile engagements, including the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The wedding’s organisers were secretly pleased, as they hadn’t allocated enough room for her hair.

Ronald Reagan
President of the United States, 1981 – 1989

After his presidency, Mr Reagan spoke in favour of the Brady Bill** – a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. If that sentence didn’t bore you enough, how about this: he also established the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award with his newly-established foundation. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 1994, and died of pneumonia at his home in 2004.

**Oops! I got a very nice, slightly nerdy, email telling me I got this wrong. Thanks! “Ronald Reagan did support a balanced budget but the Brady Bill was about handgun control – James Brady almost died after being shot at Reagan’s attempted assassination.”

Bob Hawke
Prime Minister of Australia, 1983 – 1991

And what of Australia’s PM of the 80s? What’s he up to? Well, a day or so ago he was at the cricket in Sydney.

As the video says, “one for the country.” Ah, so proud.

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