I’m Back!

Oh dear.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, which is very egotistical of me, here you go:

1. Freezing

London has been frigging cold.

I’ve got the wearing of layers down pat, so I walk around in a smug, “I know how to dress for this” way – but still, I’m freezing.

To make things worse, people have been asking me if I’ve been away. In this part of the world, sporting any kind of tan is something to be proud of. And if you do have a tan, which in my language is irreparable sun damage, people will ask if you’ve been on holiday.

The point I am making is that although the temperature is below freezing, my face is sunburnt. How did that happen??? So much for my freckles fading in the UK. And when someone says “have you been away?” they are really saying, “I think your face looks weather-beaten.” Gee.

2. Running late

No-one likes to be kept waiting. People who are consistently late are annoying and, in extreme cases, selfish. They’re about as irritating as the word “luncheon.”

Anyway lately, I am the one who is always late. I hate it.

My children are 5 and 3, so I should be used to getting them out the door by now. And there are only two of them. But winter ups the stakes with mittens, hats, layers, coats… all tough to throw on a pre-schooler in the midst of a “refusal to dress” tantrum. It shouldn’t be that hard. And yet it is.

Not that the blame rests entirely with my children. Recently I’ve been late to things all on my own. That makes me annoying and selfish. Ouch.

2. Jogging

I am 35, and I have spent each of those 35 years avoiding running. I did run in the name of team sport, but that was way back at school. Even then, any running I had to do for training was met with horror. And the occasional vomit. Sport wasn’t helped by the fact that our PE uniform was a beige tunic decorated with our personal initials embroidered into them in swirly writing. We also had to wear beige bloomers. True story.

But something strange has happened. One day while walking, I felt an urge to run. So I ran. And guess what? I didn’t collapse, cry, vomit or pass out. I put it down to the fact that I have finally bought the sports bra of my dreams (metaphorically speaking… sports bras really don’t feature in my dreams), so I can run without the risk of a black eye. Although since having children, such a risk has been severely diminished… if it was ever there at all.

So lately I have been running if not every day, then every second day. And *splutter, cough* I am actually enjoying it. Who would have thought? Yesterday I even ran in the snow. The snow thing would be impressive if I wasn’t so desperate to tell everyone (and I mean everyone). Instead I’ve been going on and on about it, which is just uncool.

So that’s me. Although obviously I’ve been doing much more exciting and fabulous things too (?!). How about you? What have you been up to?

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