Carnival Time!

In case you are wondering what a blogging carnival is…

… I will explain. This is a Britmums carnival. These happen every fortnight, and bloggers take turns to host them. They often have themes, although this one doesn’t. There are just two rules: all posts have to be written in the past month, and there is one post per blogger. I’ve been a bit relaxed about the rules.  Or rather, I forgot about them until I was just about to post, by which time it was too late.  I’ll bet Britmums are thrilled to have such a diligent host.

Kitsch Carnival Kitty

I hope you enjoy today’s carnival. If you like what you read be sure to leave them a comment… and let them know how you found them. “She just wants to take the credit!” you’re thinking. And you would be right. But it feels good to be right, so my wanting my name in lights is mutually beneficial. xx

Ever proudly displayed your child’s seemingly innocent drawing without really looking at it first? Jeni from Gappy Tales has. Doctor Who.

The very creative Maggy at Red Tag Art has put together stacks of ideas to get crafty this Valentines’s Day.  This is the first and only piece of craft advice you will find on this blog.    Valentine’s Get Crafty – Crafts & Ideas to Inspire

Maggy has a second blog as well (busy Maggy!) and has this to share too…  Walnut Shell Firelighters

Now for some good food.  Heidi at Mamacook writes “my reasons for submitting this is because I see 2012 as a year to commemorate the history of Britain (good and bad). This dish is inspired by Kedgeree which is an English adaptation of an Indian dish from the days of the Raj.”  Spicy Kedgeree Style Rice for Babies and Toddlers 

Heidi has also submitted this recipe for chicken tikka. “I’ve suggested this because chicken tikka masala is about as British as it can get but I’ve gone for a really cheat recipe for chicken tikka (not masale) instead.” Easy Chicken Tikka for Babies & Toddlers

Elaine at Littlesheep Learning has this to say about being a work-at-home mum. Working From Home (With Kids)

I love Gemma at Hello It’s Gemma.  Right now she wants to talk to you about books. What’s That You’re Reading?

Mari from Mari’s World is helping to raise funds for a little boy in her community fighting cancer.  Can you help?  YES.  When Children Get Cancer – PR Request

If your new year’s resolution to lose weight has gone down the toilet now it’s February, Kimberley from A Bit of Help With Life can help.  Keep Your Diet Going With Brain Food

The wonderful Susanna writes at A Modern Mother and is the founder of Britmums.   She’s probably wondering why I completely forgot about the very simple carnival rules.  Did I mention she’s really smart, funny, pretty, amazing and forgiving? Anyway, Susanna raises a question I’m sure many of us think about.  Ever wonder what people say when you leave the room? 

The very lovely Chloe at A Twenty Something Mum is having a “am I a bad mother?” moment. Short answer for you Chloe: no. To Dress Or Not To Dress?

Sandy at Baby Baby shares her joy in re-discovering yoga. Handy Bendy Sandy

Now, someone really pissed off Jacqui at Mummy’s Little Monkey.  She had a good old vent about it, and would like to know what you think. Sink or Swim (Am I Being Unreasonable?)

Jacqui submitted two posts and asked me to select which one I wanted to include. I thought I’d sneak her other one in, since I’ve allowed so many other people their two.  Holiday Heaven

Becky writes at Family Budgeting and has these tips for us.  5 Get Well Gifts on a Budget

Becky has also submitted this post on her other blog, Kids Love Parties.  Personally I’m quite taken with that cake.  How to Throw a Puppy Party

Happy reading.

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