The Week in Pictures

First off the rank is this little number. One jovial Australian TV presenter (Larry Emdur) is trying to throw his co-presenter (Kylie Gillies) into a pool. But in a split second of unfortunate (or fortunate) timing, the camera suggests an entirely different story.

And it was all over the Australian papers the next day.

“Why couldn’t it be the guy on my left???””

Next up is a good example of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Having said that, the transparent corset is bound to catch on, don’t you think? Just think of the quick service you’ll get at the butchers. And those queues at the Post Office will be a thing of the past. Genius!

I’m getting really sick of everyone confusing me with this woman.
But yes, I agree she could be my twin.

OK, OK, we get it! Beyonce has a fabulous post-baby body! Either that or she has some seriously supportive knickers. But isn’t this getting so boring? Aren’t we all sick of the obligatory trotting-out-of-the-post-baby-celeb-looking-hot-in-fab-frock? Enough!

Bring on the celebrity photos of new mothers covered in baby spew. Preferably with no idea what they are doing but muddling through it anyway. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?


Is there a happier outfit? No. There isn’t. Although that might be because I love Dawn French.

Now excuse the bad quality of this next photo, but it was a quicky with my phone. Anyway, here is my son with his new horns made from an egg carton and string. This is the very limit of my craft ability I might add.

He has been wearing these for days, and we’re getting some funny looks walking to school. He is meant to be a triceratops. He did have an extra horn for his nose, but it just got in the way. I tried to tell him he is technically a biceratops but he wasn’t having it.

I know he looks miserable, but he is being a dinosaur.  Again.

Isn’t he great?

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