Happy Valentine’s Day

We’re not big into Valentine’s Day here.

Our first few VDs (Venereal Disease? Victory Dance?) were spent with one of us being mildly embarrassed at being given something, not having organised something in return.

This led to us deciding a few years back we’d just write each other something every year. A card, a letter, hey even a shopping list with “can you get some bread my über hot bucket of lurve” will do. (Or 1. solitaire brilliant cut earrings set in platinum, 2. romantic weekend in Paris where I get to roll around in a massive sea of croissants…) I like it.

There’s not a solitary red rose in sight. I like that too.

Having said that, my husband came home from work last night with flowers for me. How good is that? He spent a few minutes shredding the price tag off before handing them over. He actually told me he didn’t want me to see how cheap they were. Love him! He also gave me chocolates last week because “I bought these for Valentine’s Day, but I’m worried they might go off by then.” How can you not love that?

Anyway, I thought I’d share the card I bought for him with you. Here’s a tip – don’t take the children with you to choose your husband’s Valentine’s card. They fell in love with this as it reminded them of Monsters Inc. So this is what my husband got this morning:

It’s a good thing my husband isn’t into elegance and sophistication.

Happy Valentine’s Day. xxx

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