Warning: Crappy, Loud Video Ahead

I don’t know about you, but when I want to relax I go on a road trip with the children for as long as possible.

Nothing beats sitting in a fast-moving, metal container with two small children who no longer wish to be in said fast-moving, metal container.  Will there be more vomit?  Will they start fighting again?  How much time before they realise there are no more snacks?   Why would you want to listen to music you actually like?

I Spy is a real hoot for the first half an hour.

I Spy for a good few hours is even better.

And I Spy where the answer is, in fact, a dinosaur you have never heard of only adds to the fun.   So you’ve spent a good fifteen minutes trying to think of the word starting with “H” only for your 5 year old to reveal the answer is hypsilophodon.  Of course!   What was I thinking when every previous answer was also a dinosaur?

Just out of interest, if the clue was “I spy with my little eye something starting with D” how many of you would have gone for dracorex hogwartsia?  He had us stumped with that one.  What were we thinking?

Then there’s our daughter who, at 3, had her own version of the game.  Whenever it was her turn, it went like this:

Daughter: I spy with my little eye something starting with “zero zero.”
Son: Kangaroo.
Daughter:  Wow, you’re right!  Well done! 

But still, we managed to drive around Scotland with the kids and it was fine.  This is entirely because we bought a DVD player for the car beforehand – we aren’t complete fools, you know.  And someone spent a long time inventing this nifty little gadget, so it would be rude not to show some gratitude.  It was probably the best money we have ever spent… even better than my epidurals.

Until it broke.


VID 20120416 142706 from Mid30slife on Vimeo.

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