Thanks for a Rather Nice Fluke

You know when someone is fishing for a compliment? How it’s annoying? Well I just want to be clear and say that I’m not doing that with this post. Although, yes, I can see how it looks like I am.

“This Mid Thirties Life” was shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging Award. The category? Best video.  No I won’t be offended if you’re surprised.

Voting ended a couple of days ago.

The general idea was for me to tell you about it in the hope it got me votes. I was also meant to display this badge that would easily take you to the voting site.

Video Shortlist

I don’t do many videos.  The few that I’ve done are very basic – which is a nice way of putting it.   I admit I do have a very fancy title for my videos, but that was made for me through Britmums (thanks Christine!) so I can’t take credit for that. I have been meaning to make more because they are a bit of fun, but I just haven’t. So to ask people to vote for this blog in a “best video” category seemed wrong.  While I am normally quite happy to embarrass myself, this just felt too awkward for me.  I imagine it’s a bit like nominating myself for “most influential scientist” or “best bikini body.” (Actually that reminds me of something, so just a quick aside here.  A girlfriend of mine once went on a blind date.  One of the first things he said to her was that his ex was Miss Nude Australia.  Is that a deal breaker or what???)

So I was just going to leave it altogether.

But this blog didn’t just appear there by magic. Someone, somewhere, perhaps more than one person, voted for me. To ignore this looks really ungrateful and I am sorry about that.

So – thank you to that person, or those people, who got me shortlisted. I really am grateful you thought of me and I’m chuffed I was listed alongside such great bloggers. I might not be entirely sure what you were thinking, but it’s nice that you thought it.

I was going to say all this on a video. But it’s one thing for you to read this and think “yep, fair enough, her videos are pretty rubbish.” It’s another thing to watch me say it.  Like I said, I will happily embarrass myself most times, but this one just felt wrong.

Good luck to all those blogs shortlisted in the awards. x

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