Spitting the Dummy Online

Right, that’s it. I am never, ever cleaning this house again.

Oh, get stuffed.

Last night we went to bed in a clean and tidy house.  Well, cleanish and tidyish. This is me we are talking about.

This morning the kids got up and within half an hour had demolished every room.  I give them full points for efficiency – they were fast.  Their bedding was throughout the loungeroom.  Toy boxes were tipped over.  There were train tracks everywhere. Toothpaste was where toothpaste ought not to be.  There was stuff begging to trip you over at the top of the stairs.  Clever!

I think my favourite, though, was the piss on the floor.  That was nice.

So I am officially and publicly announcing that I am on strike.

Will anyone notice?

One thought on “Spitting the Dummy Online

  1. Oh my. I'm so glad I have girls because they would never, ever think of pissing anywhere except behind a closed door (which is a pain when you are driving in the middle of Australia and hundreds of kms between toilets). But I digress. You poor dear. Go on strike, have a Tim Tam and then get back to cleaning up.

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