Each To Their Own. Kind Of.

There are times when you see what someone else is doing, and it’s not something you would do. But you just think, “ah well, each to their own” and that’s that. Easy.

Then there are times when you see what someone else is doing, and it’s not something you would do. You do a “ah well, each to their own” then realise others are not quite so casual. This is a surprise.

This week, one of my favourite blogs Styling You wrote about an article in the Daily Mail (why do I read it?? The DM that is. Not Styling You).  I had missed the original article, but it was about the fact that there are some blogs specifically about what some women wear to the school gate. You know, non-celebrity women on non-celebrity budgets, writing about everyday clothes for other mums. Simple, really. One of them is School Gate Style and although I have no school gate style to speak of, I think she’s fab.

But the comments this article generated were just plain NUTS.

“OMG! has she nothing better to do than pamper her own vanity? And fancy being married to someone who obviously loves herself so much. Is there any left over for the kids?”

“Snobby and horrible people and what’s the betting their children grow up with a horrible attitude towards others.”

“Just who do these women think they are?”

“Spend more time on your children than your own vanity!!”

“And some mums work instead of take pictures of their clothes all day?”

“I hope my world never gets so small and dull that I resort to paying this much attention to what I wear to pick my kids up from school.”

Really? Women paying attention to their clothes and sharing this with others is upsetting? You might not give a rats about clothes, fair enough, but how can such a thing get anyone so worked up?   Are her clothes stolen?  Did she forget to clothe the children?  Did her clothes somehow hospitalise her kids in a freak stiletto boot accident?  No?   Relax people.  Life is great.

Then there was this week’s Time magazine cover. If you have been under a rock this week, this is it:

Whoah….! Hasn’t this one hit a nerve? Again, I don’t get it.  I’m not into breastfeeding children who can do basic maths, but others do – so what?  “Ah well, each to their own.” The photo is obviously meant to be confronting.  But they’re happy and no-one is hurt, so what does it matter?  Not everyone is into attachment parenting, and if you’re not, don’t do it.  That’s not too hard is it?

Then I came across the cover of W magazine.

Now I am about to undo everything I just said.  “Ah well, each to their own?” No. This is where I hit my limit, for I find this one so ick.   Is it his eyeliner?  The fact that it’s Tom Cruise?  The pistol pointing to his… er… pistol?  The boring earrings that are just a stripe?  The fact that I envy him his hair?  Is it the woman on his right’s impossibly bony shoulder?  Is that a photoshop fail?  Is it her eye makeup? The fact she’s inching her hand down his pants?  It’s Tom Cruise!!  Would you put your hand down his pants?  No!  You would not!! Please tell me you would not!  Oh I really don’t want to be thinking about Tom Cruise’s pants.

Sure, when he was Maverick – obviously.  But since the couch jumping?  No.  You would not.  Please.

“Ah well, each to their own?”  Well… to a point.

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