Slogan T-Shirts. What Do We Think?

Check out what my husband bought last week.  “Close your eyes, I’ve got a surprise!”

That’s my man.
(The writing underneath says “60% of the time it works everytime.”)

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ron Burgandy as much as the next person.  But this is the father of my children.  And he’s wearing a shirt with “sex panther” written across it.  It’s fair to say that if he never buys another slogan t-shirt again, I won’t be devastated.

Ron Burgundy, the original sex panther.  “Stay classy San Diego!”

He also has one with “Drink! Feck! Arse!” written across the front. I know I should hate this one, but I love Father Ted too much. Plus he looks great in navy, so I can overlook it. Come to think of it, an “I’ve kicked Bishop Brennan up the arse” t-should would be tops actually.

Then there is the one his friends got made for his bucks party many moons ago.  I quite liked that one actually, as far as customised t-shirts go this was pretty unoffensive.  They spent a part of the night at the greyhounds, oh yes, so the shirt said “this is going to get RUFF.”  Geddit?  He still has it, which is surprising, considering the state the poor sod came home in.

The Gwyneth one is unforgiveable though. I think we can all agree on that?

Got any slogan t-shirts at home?  Any of you wearing them?  Any “Mummy needs a wine” numbers?

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