Sharing a Fave New Find

Mum is visiting from Sydney.    She has asked me to mention her in this blog so that her friends “can read about me.”   It’s wonderful to have her here.  And it would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention that she is beautiful, stylish, clever, curious about quite random things and an expert speller.

With her here and the sunny weather, ours is an extra happy house at the moment.

And look at this…  I’m one lucky girl because Mum bought me this dress a couple of days ago.  I feel like such a dickhead posting this photo, it’s just so posy isn’t it? But if I was smiling it would be worse, as it’s obvious I’m taking this myself and to pose properly is just that little bit more wrong.  And yes, these pins haven’t seen daylight in a good few months.

In my defence, I might feel like a wally posing in the mirror but it isn’t a patch on this:

Anyway, I’m telling you about my new dress because it’s now my favourite, as is the shop it’s from.  Yes, I’m 35 and accepting clothes from my mother but I like to think I’ll do the same for my daughter when she’s old enough to buy her own things.

You can wear it to anything, it’s machine washable and it doesn’t need ironing – you can squish it into a tiny ball and will still look pristine.  And this little number fits everyone as it’s one size fits all… although I have no idea how that works.   Not that I want to bump into someone wearing the same dress, but as someone who loves a good frock I feel it my duty to tell you it’s available online. The dresses are listed in the right-hand margin under “N&Willow Dresses.”  (This isn’t sponsored by the way.   It’s just that this is the kind of thing I’d love to hear about.)

And when I have some spare dosh one day, I’m going to buy it in blue and red. That’s a bit princessy isn’t it, buying the one dress in 3 styles?  But when you’re onto a good thing, stick to it.  And I can justify it by saying I’m colour-coding for the jubilee.  Can’t I?

(Don’t forget you have until Monday to enter my giveaway!)

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