The Art of the Twitter Self Portrait

People are funny, aren’t they?  There we go, scurrying about our everyday lives, doing what we do, and then we get a Twitter account.

And things start to get ridiculous.  Or, as my son would say, “ridiclious.”

Granted, I’m not talking about us normal folk.  I’m pointing at those beautiful famous people.  You know the ones.  The ones who post these pictures of themselves on Twitter:

Here we have a photo of Jordan in her kitchen.  She’s just finished cooking some lamb shanks and thought she’d decorate the bench with herself. Happy with the photo, she then shares it with the world.  Oh look, here she is again! Hi Jordan!

She’s just popping out to Tesco for more Cheerios.

Granted, it’s her job to promote this image of herself and really, she’s an adult so there’s no harm.  But personally,  I can’t get my head around it.   Even if I looked like her, and I think she is naturally very beautiful without all that getup, would I pose like that and then publish it for all to see?  No.  I would feel like a dickhead.

No such problem with this lot.

Imogen Thomas tweeted this shot of herself in her bikini and heels.
I don’t know who she is either.
My personal favourite, Leann “I eat pizza too” Rimes.
Ah, life is just one big (or small) bikini.
And here are Leann’s legs.
We get it Leann!  You have great legs!
This is just jealousy on my part owing to my legs looking like sausages.
Miley Cyrus
Not to be outdone by Leann Rimes, Miley proves she has great legs too.
Except hers are orange.
Amy Childs tweeted this pic to show us her hair extensions…
… while Kim Kardashian tweeted this to show us her earrings.
At least, I think that’s what she’s doing.

Sure it must be nice to have such confidence.  But oh it’s all so boring isn’t it?  Same big boobs, same long legs, same pout.   I’d like to see more Twitter photos like these:

Much better.  Don’t you think?

(See the aftermath of this post here.  Hooray for real legs!)

11 thoughts on “The Art of the Twitter Self Portrait

  1. Now your pictures cheered me up, whilst the vacuous celeb shots just made me despair of today's society. And feel inadequate. How do they keep up with the waxing?

  2. I am starting to wonder if poor Leann has any clothing! Maybe she was robbed and all they left were the bathing suits.  Sheesh!  I feel so terrible now. The tweeted pics of naked legs are clearly a cry for some help.  And food.  It is so obvious.  I don't know why I didn't think of it before.  I'm getting a care package together right now. Anyone wanna help? Pass it on.

  3. mid30slife says:

    But it's very clever actually, see how she is saluting while at the same time pulling her shirt tight across her chest?  That takes skill!

  4. mid30slife says:

    Yes!!  A care package to skinny celebs b/c they need the food.  Genius.  And very kind.  On behalf of them – thank you. xx

  5. I think we're all underestimating the amount of skill it takes to be simultaneously posing and tweeting. Clearly it's so technical it requires a lobotomy. Awesome post Mrs, made me chuckle as always x

  6. I don't think there is anything more attractive than a famous person taking the pxxx out of themselves.  I would much rather see that than see endless poses airbrushed to perfection.

  7. Love it fab post.
    Those self loving celebs really do start to get on your nerves I wonder what they get out of it. I really don't get the leg pics what is that all about.

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