The Art of the Twitter Self Portrait Part 2

So, yesterday I posted this and it was fun to write.

But what was more fun was being on Twitter afterwards.  People started sending me pictures of their legs.

Why should Leeann Rimes and Miley Cyrus have all the fun?  What makes their legs so darn important?  Ours are just as sexy.

Bleach stained jeans, fake uggs.
I don’t know if these are her real legs?
These are mine.  Gentlemen, try to calm down.
No airbrushing required.
Kelly had just rolled down a muddy hill.
Mrs Holladay’s hot legs while breastfeeding.  THAT, my friends, is multi-tasking.
Here we have Sharon in her hospital getup.  Phwoar!
Legs that don’t want to get out of bed.  Know that feeling?
Sore legs.  Hot ankles.
And a bloke! There are so many things I love about this pic, I don’t know where to start.
Ooooh, sultry legs.
Bubbly legs.
“Swollen oedemic under my desk legs.”
Legs with a toy train track in the background.
@jodiekins22 (“Yay for real legs!”)
Another bloke, with Roman sandals, except this one is shy
so has asked to be anonymous.  Ooh maybe he’s famous!
Love that the men are getting on board.
Here we have Adrian’s “shattered, worked out legs.”
Hot legs / iPad stand.
Inked legs
Legs on Twitter
Say no more, @iamghostbait.  Say no more.
I want to say “put your legs in the air like you just don’t care”
but suspect that would be wrong.
The pink finishing touches to these pins is thanks to vasculitis (
Legs on a bus.
Christmas pyjama bottoms (in July) and a bump.

27 June…

My brother (who can be found here) just sent me his Twitter self portrait.  Friends, all the way from LA, I give you my personal favourite…
So effortless and natural!
But then I was sent a professional pout! It’s a pout-off!
This was a professional superhero pout.  Brilliant.

Wouldn’t you rather see these real, beautiful, everyday, hot legs (or hot lips) instead of celebrity perfection?  These have personality.  These have class.  These have got it going on.

If I missed any I am REALLY sorry – PLEASE do bring it to my attention.    Likewise if you want to add yours, just email me at or post a Twitpic under #celebtwitterposing.   Come and play, it’s your real legs we’re after.  Thank you.


11 thoughts on “The Art of the Twitter Self Portrait Part 2

  1. Why do I always miss all the fun stuff happening on twitter? Thanks for getting the legs all in one place for all of us to enjoy 😉

  2. amhutton79 says:

    Ocht maaaan! All you're missing is a pair of hairy milk bottles in woolly Hello Kitty socks! And I'm too late. Sad times. 😉

  3. mid30slife says:

    No one is too late, I added a pair of legs and 2 pouts yesterday. So if you fancy seeing your photo here in Hello Kitty socks, be my guest! I think we'd all like to see that. X

  4. mid30slife says:

    Not to worry it's here to enjoy whenever you fancy it! And contributions are still welcome so feel free to get a photo to me. XX

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