Old Post Flashback: Twilight Explained

Lying in bed last night, I decided I’d do the occasional flashback on the blog. I’m not quite sure why. Yes it’s a little bit lazy, but I prefer to think of it as economical.

So if you missed this first time around, or you liked it back in the day, here you are… my explanation of the Twilight saga.

Just click away if you hated it.

Just some of the Twilight dolls you can buy.  If you really wanted to.
If I had to pick my favourite it’d be James.  I like to think the actor was given a free one.

May your boyfriends and husbands not be vampires. x

2 thoughts on “Old Post Flashback: Twilight Explained

  1. mid30slife says:

    Actually the man in question is my husband!  I don't know who the girl was, but looking back I wonder if making me watch Spinal Tap was some kind of test.  Luckily I love it otherwise who knows where we'd be?  

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