Queuing with Enthusiasm: Wimbledon

Move over Spielberg.   After seeing this quality offering by yours truly, you will be out of a job for sure.

Jokes aside, and yes that was a joke, please excuse the quality and general badness of this little video.  Get the feeling I say that before every vlog?   I do have a fancy video header somewhere on this computer but I can’t find it, which is fine as I can’t remember what I was meant to do with it anyway.

And Mum yes I know a bit of makeup would have gone a long way, but look carefully and you can see the remnants of yesterday’s mascara.  The sound on my computer still doesn’t work, so I watched this on my phone.  And I have to ask – what’s with the accent?  I sound like a posh Sydney schoolgirl.  That can’t be right.

Anyway Wimbledon is under way and there is a real buzz around here.  The once-a-year taxi rank has sprung up outside our house, on the school run I walk past the officials in their green and purple fancy threads, and the queue is starting to fill up…

Hmmm that’s a nice still shot the video has gone with.  I’m really thrilled with that.

Is anything exciting happening near you?

9 thoughts on “Queuing with Enthusiasm: Wimbledon

  1. John Williams says:

    This is a very beautiful and interesting series of pictures, i enjoyed every picture, it has great detail in it, thanks for sharing the artistic work, i appreciate your work!

    GED Online

  2. Ange says:

    Absolutely green with envy!!! Enjoy centre court. Please wear one of those huge brightly coloured floppy hats so that we can easily spot you on telly!

  3. mid30slife says:

    Oh I will Ange. I'm planning something super stylish to give Pippa M a run for her money. Or maybe I'll just wear something clean.

  4. mid30slife says:

    Thank you!! The world needs more men in high visibility jackets don't you think? It just screams “EVENT!”

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