A Wobble

You know when everything is perfect?  And in the back of your mind you wonder to yourself how long can that last?  You try not to think like that, it’s really no way to live, but occasionally you catch yourself thinking that surely things can’t be this perfect for this long.

The bubble has to burst.

Our bubble has not burst.  But it’s had a little wobble.   And while no-one likes a wobble, it forces you to check in with yourself.  To make sure you really, really know what’s important.   To make 100% sure you are truly grateful for all that you have. To remind you, not that you need it, that your husband is the absolute best, your family really is amazing and your friends love you.

I feel like my blog is not the forum to discuss someone else’s health.  But my husband has been ill and in hospital since Saturday.

Top tip for GPs!  If a man comes to you for the third time, and this time he’s begging to be sent to hospital, he really isn’t pissing about.  

I’m very happy to say he is now getting better and we think he’ll be home at the end of the week.  He’ll need a while to recuperate after that.  If I could marry antibiotics and private health insurance in some kind of bizarre ritual, I would.  I’m very much in love with them both.

It’s been a bloody horrible time.  While the most important person here is my husband, my thoughts are also very much with those who are not so lucky.

Top tip!  Don’t Google the love of your life’s illness. It’s unsettling.

So while I’m very relieved, to be honest I’m not really myself at the moment.  I’m tired.  I don’t feel like chatting, I don’t want to see friends, I’m just in my wobbly bubble.  But it hasn’t burst. And soon it will no longer be wobbly.


10 thoughts on “A Wobble

  1. Oh hun, I'm so sorry you've all been through this. Well done to hubby for pushing the GP and glad he'll be home recuperating soon. Here's to your resilient bubble x

  2. AlexanderResidence says:

    Hello my lovely. So sorry to hear what you've been through. It really is exhausting when things go wrong in your family, the worry, the practical juggling, the uncertainty should never be underestimated. Take care lovely, so relieved he's on the mend for you xx

  3. Sending you all our love honey. I hope your husband is back in tip top shape swiftly and back safe at home with you all.
    If you need to chat about anything you know where I am.

    Three important things. Eat, sleep & talk when you are ready.



  4. Melissa says:

    That sounds rubbish but hope you all come through it ok. Wobbles are good every now and then to remind us to not take stability for granted.

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