An Update

Some blogs really give you an insight into the person behind it.  You get to know them, you know about their lives and you know exactly what’s going on.

My blog is not like that.  I’ll write about my family from time to time, but I certainly don’t document our everyday lives and my innermost thoughts here.  But there’s a lot going on at the moment.  I touched on it here and now I’ll elaborate.

My husband has been ill.  He caught what we thought was the flu and then went steadily downhill.  After two weeks, we knew it was serious so we tried to get him into hospital.  On a Thursday, he asked the GP if he could be admitted and was sent home with an inhaler (gee, thanks).  He continued to get worse.  He went into hospital on the Saturday where he was immediately diagnosed with severe pneumonia.

It was all very bleak until the antibiotics started to work a few days later.  He came home last Saturday.  Yesterday’s x-rays have shown he’s going really well but he needs to take it easy for at least another three weeks.

 Day 5 in hospital and getting better. Modelling his nebuliser to celebrate he's no longer on oxygen.

Day 5 in hospital and getting better.
Modelling his nebuliser to celebrate he’s no longer on oxygen.

Doesn’t that just suck.They say it’s all in the timing.  Well – here is a man who has never had a day off work sick.  He is a sports journalist, which means his busiest gig comes around every four years… yup.. for the Olympics.  Our time in the UK has been organised purely around the Olympics, it’s one of the main reasons why we are here.  He was admitted to hospital on the first day of competition and didn’t get to cover any of it.

In the meantime, I got ill too.  (I don’t have pneumonia!)

Oooh that sucks as well.  Excuse my language but that sucks arse.

Now, we are normally really positive people.  Honestly.  But when I don’t feel well, I become one of those miseries who is easily annoyed and complains a lot.  My husband, even when seriously ill, is still very positive.  So I’ve promised him I’ll up my game and shut up even though, I have to say, this is all about as fun as mucus. But in the meantime, humour me please, I see annoying stuff everywhere.  Like, how annoying is my herb garden?

It’s coriander.

And how come the top of our fridge always looks like this?

And what happened to my computer when I cleaned the keyboard?

How come he loses 7kg and I put on 3?  That’s annoying.

There is a bright side though.  Firstly, things are getting better.  Secondly, it’s been absolutely amazing being on the receiving end of such incredible kindness.  Our friends and family, both here and overseas, are wonderful people.  I don’t know where I’d be without them.  It’s a bummer it takes something so horrible to remind me of this, but maybe I needed it.

I’m not sure what to sign off with. I think it best if I hand it over to someone looking on the bright side of life… and whistling while they do it.


10 thoughts on “An Update

  1. It sounds like you're having such a tough time, hopefully it'll all be sunnier from now on! There seems to be a lot of pneumonia around this summer, this is probably the 3rd case I've heard of. Chin up and sing that tune to yourself at least once a day!

  2. A Farmer's Wife says:

    So glad your husband is getting better. When people get that sick it is scary. (And by the sounds of the NHS he must have been very sick to get a hospital bed for that long.) Really hope things get back on track soon. And I also think that is what the top of the fridge is for. Ours only stopped looking like that when a cupboard was put on top so there was no room for stuff.

    Take care – don't worry about the little stuff like the fridge.


  3. Katetakes5 says:

    Oh honey that really really does suck. Your poor hubby 😦 And I know how awful it is when you need to be strong but can't be and then there's no one left to look after you. Even Mums need a Mum sometimes… Really hope things are on the up for you very soon. Big hugs (just don't breath on me – I can't afford to be sick either).

  4. Jo says:

    Oh Rach – I had no idea that Tom was that sick but so glad he is on the mend. On a brighter note don't worry about your dead/dying herbs – mine always look like that. It's better to give up altogether on fresh herbs – have your fresh herb intake on the top of a nice take away gourmet pizza. Secondly – please – whose top of the fridge just does not look like that. The whole top of my kitchen cupboards looks decidedly like that. I think it is slightly unrealistic to hope for a better look on the top of fridges and kitchen cupboards. Thirdly the computer screen – I have no answers here as I have had a similar thing happen and no amount of me slamming the mouse down did anything to rectify the situation. Best have a glass or two of wine, go to bed and re-address that nasty situation in the morning. Finally the weight thing fully sux but I have heard you can definitely put on weight when stressed and all of the above issues represents extreme stress.
    Sending lots of love and a continued speedy recovery. Jo xx

  5. eggdipdip says:

    Ouch. That's a pretty rough ride you've had there. Glad your husband is improving. Husbands and hospitals are a tough mix, especially when your family are so far away. Will he be well enough to cover some of the Paralympics instead? (trying to look on the bright side!)

  6. AlexanderResidence says:

    I'm so glad to hear you guys are on the mend, but so unfari you all got ill x And judging from your pics, you've been driven stir crazy at home, I recognise the signs 😦 My old laptop did that too, never worked it out let me know if you do fix it, mine was on its way out so I thought it had just lost the plot!

  7. mid30slife says:

    Thanks all for the comments! It's great to have things finally on the up. I am so thankful for modern medicine and I have to say the care Tom got in hospital was fantastic. He is easing back into work but still has to take things slowly for a while. He's cover the paraolympics which is something, but again, he still has to take it easy for risk of relapse.

    I did manage to fix the computer, I held the “alt” button down and kind of bashed the keyboard for a while… after switching things off and on that's the sure way to fix random problems.
    Thanks again, it means a lot. xxxxx

  8. It's incredible how people can totally get the wrong picture if blog posts are too vague 🙂

    Glad to hear it's pneumonia, I have had it several times, it doesn't kill! 🙂

  9. Karin van Heerwaarden says:

    Hey Lovey, so glad to hear Tom is on the mend. To miss the games sucks so, so, so badly. The poor thing. If I believed in a god I would think he was playing an incredibly cruel joke. Give him our love and well wishes.
    k xx

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