A Spot of Non-Blogging

I’m back – but only to grovel and agree that yes, I’ve been very slack. I do have ideas for posts – honest – but they just haven’t made it past that fleeting thought stage.

From the middle of September I will have 8 weeks of both children in full time school. I will have a super-clean house, proper meal plans, a body like GI Jane’s and a kick-arse blog that has time dedicated to it. There won’t be a site in London that hasn’t been seen by moi. That’s the plan anyway. In reality I might just bake cakes only to sit and eat them. Until then, I just want to say sorry I haven’t been around, but really, who noticed?

Why just 8 weeks? Because we’re moving back to Australia. Having your nearly-4 year old getting used to full-time school only to pull her out is not ideal, in fact I feel terrible about it. But it is the best option available to us.  I’ve been explaining to her she’ll have to keep her clothes on from 9am until 3pm but she isn’t having any of it.  That could be interesting.  It must be nice just declaring “I want to be nude!” before shedding all your gear and skipping happily around.  It’s a shame we can’t all do that without fear of arrest, although right now I have to say she must be freezing.  I assure you I’m a responsible parent but there’s only so long I can chase her around saying “Put this one!  PUT THIS ON!”

I’m getting excited about moving back to Sydney. It’s home. We’ll be near our family and old friends. And it’s nice not being foreign. I’m focusing on that and trying not to feel sad about leaving. But I’m too sentimental to love change, we have built ourselves a great life here, one that we always knew would be a short stint. And I always have, and always will, love London. Especially our little part of it.

What started as a “I’ll blog soon” post has turned into more of a monologue, sorry kids. In the meantime, here is a photo of my very healthy (yay!) husband and kids. Because sometimes you just have to share.


8 thoughts on “A Spot of Non-Blogging

  1. Good luck with the move and keep blogging. I am v. jealous in a way because, even though I have been settled here happily for over 14 years and have no plans to ever move back, there is still part of my heart that belongs to Sydney and would love to raise my boys there.

  2. Helloitsgemma says:

    Your going home??? Nooooo! I love that packing doesn't seem to be in the agenda. Enjoy the cakes. Lucky you leaving as the dark evenings/days arrive and heading for summer. Do you remember summer??

  3. Katetakes5 says:

    I'll come with you to Sydney if it'll help the settling back \ leaving London process? Even though I'm not from London of course – but we MET in London, so you could keep me at the bottom of your garden and visit any time you felt maudlin…No? Really?

  4. Iota says:

    Oh, I've just caught up with this (and your last post – last year I went to my first ever football match, and like you, I loved it). But this is BIG news. I hope you'll keep blogging. Would be interesting to hear your experiences of returning home – if Sydney still is that.

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