Doing Modern Art

Today we went to the Tate.  I was nearly sick from hunger and I still managed to enjoy it.  That, my loves, is saying something.

Here I am in the foyer looking arty.  See what I did to the photo?  See that?  Yah. Artist.


In fact without planning it, I have had the perfect day.  The kids were ready for school when I realised my husband was looking Day Off Scruffy. A day off!! So we went to the Tate together.  Galleries are usually a solitary outing for me but when you go with someone the whole experience is entirely different.  Good different, I might add.  Unless you are stuck entertaining a smelly and boring person which, happily, I was not doing today.

The thing about the Tate is, for me, the art is only half the point.  I swear I can live in London for the rest of my life and not tire of its landmarks, and you’ll see plenty of them on your way to the Tate.  So just getting there is fun.

Then you go inside.  Unsurprisingly, it being an art gallery and all, there is art.  Lots and lots of art.  Some will blow your socks off.


Some will make you go, “Bricks in rows on the floor?  Are you shitting me?”

There will be times when you’ll wonder if you are looking at part of the exhibition. Or are they renovating?


The Tanks are on the lower ground floor.  At the moment this is where you can view live art.  Now I don’t pretend to know about such things, but you just go with it and see how it makes you feel.  The first installation (arty word! Arty word!) was too creepy for me.  If I was in a different mood I would have really enjoyed the second, but with my husband beside me I got the giggles and couldn’t stop.   While others sat and reflected, absorbing the sounds and sights, we rudely made our own piece of video art (using the word “art” loosely) which I’ll share with you here.  I promise it was Funny At The Time.

So there is the art, the architecture – but another huge part of a visit to the Tate is the people watching.    The foreign students, the trendy and not-so-trendy, the serious fans writing about the art in proper notebooks, those who clearly aren’t enjoying themselves and wondering why they went in the first place.

Listening to a guide.  So art.

We then went to one of my favourite restaurants for a boozy lunch.  I loved that too.  Not a bad way to spend a Thursday eh?  I loved it.

A painting all in black.  Angst and despair?
Or did the artist just really like black?

Oh, and when I picked the kids up from school one of the mothers handed me a bag to take home.  She thought we might like one of her amazing curries for dinner. Don’t mind if I do! Hmmm I hope she doesn’t think I’m some sort of charity case.

Ah well.  I hope you’ve had a fab day too. X

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