Right Now I’m…

… from Downton Abbey on Sunday.  Was anyone expecting that???

… at Miranda Hart.  Funny, funny, funny girl.



The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O’Farrell.  I need to know what happens but I don’t want this book to end.  Do dilemmas come any bigger?  I didn’t think so.

Laughing Some More
… at this photo of my brother.  He really does have a lot of thyme on his hands. Plus I love his shirt.



… chicken and red lentil curry in my slow cooker.  Is there any other kitchen appliance where such little effort is so well rewarded?

… out at the number of mice in the house.  Trap Resistant Mice.  I bought some bait today so hopefully that does the trick.  Until then, whenever I open a cupboard or rummage through a bag, my heart is in my mouth.  Not literally. That would be both unlikely and unpleasant.

… that a mouse infestation in the house is a bad time for my husband to be in the Middle East.

…Cheesy Wotsits.  I’m making the most of our time left in the UK.

… from my run today.  I’m trying to get back into it but it’s as though my body has never exercised before – it’s that hard (as in “difficult” not as a description of my physique).  Maybe I should listen to my body and sit down.  I’m actually very good at sitting down, it’s a gift.

… apple crumble.  Lots and lots of apple crumble.  I am certain this is the last time in my life I will have 3 apple trees in my garden.

… to the first album I have downloaded in a lifetime.  It’s called, wait for it, Now That’s What I Call Running.  How embarrassing.  

… my neck is going wobbly.  It’s a bit early for that isn’t it?  Isn’t it??

… at the skydiver who broke the speed of sound.  I love stories like this, of people pushing their limits so we can see what mankind is capable of.  I did a similar thing recently when I made meringues out of golden caster sugar instead of regular caster sugar.   Talk about adrenaline!

… if I should change the look of this blog as the photo at the top is 3 years old.  But then, to include a more recent photo will be to showcase my floppy neck.  And that would be wrong.  Hmmm.

… Monopoly with friends this Saturday night.  Who says we don’t rock?  But you have to admit – friends, takeaway, beers and Monopoly is a good night.  And who knows?  I might win for the first time in my entire life.

… a birthday party for our soon-to-be 4 year old.  I was meaning to only have 5 children coming and I have 14.  I’m not sure how that happened.

… whoever invented the internet that Facebook wasn’t around when I was a teenager or in my twenties.

… when trying to answer one of my 5 year old’s questions.  They’re hard.  And at the moment, very focused on geography which is not my strongest topic.  

**Panics slightly when trying to think what my strongest topic actually is.  Do I even have one? Shit!**

… saying our goodbyes when we leave London.

… which pub to go to on Thursday night.  We have limited time to do these things, so it’s a surprisingly big decision.

… of a proper Australian BBQ with all the family there.  Heaven!  Ooh, and regular ones thereafter – with friends too!  Yay!

Over to you if you fancy it!  Finish this sentence, “Right now I’m…”

4 thoughts on “Right Now I’m…

  1. Right now I'm agreeing with you on Downton Abbey – SHOCKER! Poor Lady Sybil. Also, agreeing on Miranda, I don't know how she does it, but the comedy builds up and up slowly each episode until I'm hysterical at anything by the end. Also, I need to read this new Maggie O'Farrell book. I read one of hers a few years back about 2 women in linked, parallel lives (forgotten it's name) and it was unputdownable (!?).

  2. Abbey Trimboli says:

    Right now I'm needing to go to the loo but can't seem to get away from the computer.

    That pic of your brother is hilarious 🙂


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