Bye London. It’s Been Fun.

It’s 11pm on our last night in the UK. I should be in bed but I’m nervous about the flight, so rather than not sleeping I am writing this. I’m not going to re-read it or try to make it pretty. So just excuse it and if it’s terrible, well I’m tired so it’s allowed.

Moving is just so emotional. The endless goodbyes, everywhere you go and whatever you do is a “last” and then there are the practical things that need organising. Hardly the stuff of a good belly laugh, is it?

Back Camera

I keep thinking of things I wish I had done. We didn’t go to Wimbledon Common for a last hurrah. I know it isn’t going anywhere but coming back and visiting when on holiday is not the same thing. I have been saying for years I want to ice-skate outside, well I have had every chance (even walked past an open rink today) and I still haven’t done it. But that’s me having a whinge – absolutely allowed before a big flight with small children, I say.

But I am proud of us, as a family. Can I say that? I’m proud that we picked up our lives, flew them to the other side of the world, plonked them down and had a ball. We did it. I’m not saying every day was beer and skittles, that’s not possible, in fact some days stank. Just as they would have done anywhere. But on the whole, we have had a fantastic time and I am sorry to be leaving. But I’m excited about getting back.

To anyone living in Southfields can I just say, it is a gem of a place. Please love it and appreciate it as someone who only got to live there for a brief time.

Although I am quite happy to leave our maroon bathroom behind, with it’s ridiculous number of plungers beside the loo. Urgh.

But just around the corner we will have “firsts.” Our goodbye will be hellos. We are moving back to Sydney, where our children will have grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. I feel so lucky that of all the places in the world, it’s Australia I get to go home to.

So goodbye UK. It has been a absolute privilege.

And Australia – here we come!!


9 thoughts on “Bye London. It’s Been Fun.

  1. caro_mad says:

    Have a safe journey! I wish you all the best re-discovering home down-under. Watch those snakes or you might have to get your mum to send it to Snake Hell.

  2. mummyslittlemonkey says:

    Awwwwwww! Don't go!!!!! We were living parallel lives there for a while – both moving from Sydney to SW London… then you go and ruin it by deserting me! (well, technically I ruined it first by moving to Buckinghamshire, but that's semantics) Have a great flight back and say hi to Sydney for me xxxxx

  3. Talkaboutyork says:

    Can't believe you're off. Well damn you and the tan you're going to have. But have a lovely time surrounded by family. How fab.

  4. Wylye Girl says:

    Bon voyage. How lovely to be returning to Sydney. I love that place, and two of my bestest friends live there. I didn't know you were in Southfields. I used to live there. It's a great place. Happy New Life!

  5. Katetakes5 says:

    Hello my lovely – hope you are settling back in now and have a friendlier bathroom this time around. Sorry I didn't make the goodbyes!

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